Waldo & Marsha - In it to win it EP

Seems like summer is coming closer and it’s about time to start thinking about the soundtrack for nice, lazy holiday days and evenings. One of the choices can be Waldo & Marsha’s new EP “In it to win it”. They’ve won our hearts with it. How about yours?

You may think they are a bit out of tune, you may think they are nostalgic and cheerish the retro-style, you may also think a part of it is out of this world, there’s a touch of “space music” in their songs. You can think all those things and all of them will be true. Waldo & Marsha managed to mix past and future on their new EP and that combination seems to be working damn good!

We had quite high hopes for the EP, after falling in love with both singles “Losing You Forever” and “You’re The Woman I Desire”. Thankfully, Waldo & Marsha didn’t fail us. If you follow what’s going on in Danish music (or if you follow Good because Danish to get to know about it), you may hear the spirit of Oh No No and in some moments, the quirky Mew-sound in compositions like “Attack Of The Womanizer”.

“In it to win it” has the retro-charm, that you cannot not like. At the same time, it kind of makes fun of the naivity of the past times and the foolishness of those people, who tried to paint their world only in a pink colour. While Waldo & Marsha give a tribute to that, they rip off the pink paint at the same time.

The band’s new EP is full of tastefully mixed contradictions – both musicaly, lyrically and visually (as you can see on the cover photo). For me, that’s something unique and definitely worth getting to know.

So don’t wait any longer, listen to Waldo & Marsha’s EP “In it to win it”! You can do it on Spofity or WiMP and buy the digital version via iTunes.

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