This woman is magic. With debut album “Ardent Spring“, GRETA moved a part of my heart that hasn’t been moved in a long time. The part that responds to delicate beauty with a hint of wildness.

GRETA’s dreamy vocals gently and almost unnoticeably stole my heart the first time I heard her debut EP “Wild and Young“. They are the powerful steering wheel that makes LP “Ardent Spring” sail so smoothly. This album has an amazing flow. One song merges into another so easily that you lose track of time, and 40 minutes pass by in a heartbeat. Once you hit play, you can’t stop listening to it.

You might think that such a smooth album sarves as perfect background music. You couldn’t be more wrong. GRETA magically creates delightful compositions which have the lightness of a snowflake but, at the same time, they catch one’s attention and hypnotise the listener. Every song is so complex and brings so many extraordinary sounds and elements that all potential distractions simply disappear. Listening to “Ardent Spring” feels like observing a colourful butterfly. It dances in the air and, with every glance, new details, new factures, new shades are revealed. GRETA’s dreamy synthpop universe draws the listener in and doesn’t let go, as there is so much to discover.

It has been a long time since an album charmed me as much as this one did. “Ardent Spring” is a breath of hot, yet refreshing spring air. It playfully explores various genres, mixes and matches bits and pieces from them into a colourful, graceful new whole. It’s sensual, unafraid to flirt with the listener and heat up the atmosphere. It presents a great deal of maturity; GRETA knows exactly what she wants her music to sound like.

Autumn is here, but thanks to “Ardent Spring” I am not afraid of it. I know that whenever I’ll feel cold or sad, I will turn on GRETA’s debut album, and those feelings will dissipate. It reminded me that it’s okay to smile, it’s okay to feel beautiful and grateful.

Thank you GRETA for reminding me with “Ardent Spring” that music is joy.

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