Waldo and Marsha - Losing You Forever

Dream-indie-rockers Waldo & Marsha released a new single this month and I must say, with “Losing You Forever” they finally truly touched me with their music.

The band shared their debut album “Zoo” with us last year – including a great collaboration with Vinnie Who, the song “Canals”, on it. Yet somehow, the LP didn’t really make me fall in love with them back then – apart from this one song.

This is definitely different with the new song “Losing You Forever”. What has changed that I can say I adore Waldo & Marsha now? Maybe I’ve changed and grew up to the music. To the dreamy, retro style, the mix of delicate vocals and a tiny bit of noisy guitars. To the atmosphere of a sunny day spent lazy on a Saint-Tropez beach.

“Losing You Forever” sounds like the soundtrack for a love-drama about a rich girl, trying to go through a heartbreak while driving her cadillac and crying her tears out into a silk pillow. Then she goes dancing and she looks beautiful, but her eyes are telling the truth about the sadness and pain she’s going through. Yet, she’s a real lady – and real ladies don’t cry in public. They keep their heads high and they are stunning no matter what.

These are the pictures that come to my mind while listening to “Losing You Forever”. Stream it on Waldo & Marsha’s SoundCloud or via Spotify and see what images it will paint in your mind!

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