PREMIERE: Firs – Fremtid (kælderversion)

Today’s premiere of Firs‘ stripped-down version of the song “Fremtid” takes us back to better days.

The month was February 2020. Blissfully unaware of what was to come, we danced and laughed at Firsrelease concert, celebrating the launch of their debut EP “Det Svimler“. It was sweaty, it was loud, it was beautiful. It was also the last concert Good Because Danish covered before everything shut down, garnering itself a special place in our hearts.

Just months ago, we heard Firs play “Fremtid” (eng. Future) live, accompanied by applause and the roar of the crowd. The new, stripped-down version is documented in a grainy black and white video at some empty basement. Though the description might sound grim, the result is anything but. “While the doomed mood and fear of the future crept in on most, Firs withdrew from the absurd spring, down under asphalt and sidewalk, into the basement — cool and quiet,” comments the band. Echoed off the basement’s concrete walls, one of Firs’ most energetic songs has slowed down and gave the listener some space to breathe and reflect.

At the same time, Firs have not been only recycling and re-imagining their older material. A new EP mixed by Nis Bysted is on its way, due to come out in November 2020.

Firs will go on tour this autumn as well. Though they have impressed us with the dramatic flair of playing in a dark empty basement, their energy is incomparable at a proper live gig. Dates and tickets are available here.