Dear Good because Danish Reader/Follower/Enthusiast,

12 years ago in a Galaxy far far away (a.k.a. one music enthusiast’s bedroom), a project was born that exceeded any expectations and took its creators on an extraordinary journey. Good because Danish passionately shares the best Danish music with the world since 23. February 2011. We still love doing it and will continue for as long as there is good (because) Danish music to cover.

More than “just a blog”

I was thinking lately, what would be the top three things I am most grateful for when it comes to running Good because Danish. My conclusion was: 1. People, 2. Experiences, 3. Skills. I’ve met the most amazing music lovers, professionals, artists, fans, and journalists over these past 12 years and each encounter enriched my life, sometimes in a very surprising way. I’ve got a chance to experience magical concerts, festivals, interviews, and networking sessions. SPOT Festival is the brightest example of that. I’ve learnt so much by myself and from the wonderful co-creators.

Good because Danish is a non-profit, hobby, side-project created by passionate people. While it is tons of fun, it has become high quality, professional endeavour over the years. I am delighted that people who have worked with Good because Danish could make use of their experience for their professional lives.

When blogging is driven by true passion and love for music, it brings unique value. We are proud that our reviews are being quoted and used by artists, record labels and management. Each article we publish is a personal perspective on music. Having the space to share our views on music in a non-censored, unbiased way is crucial. That’s why Good because Danish is a special trademark in the Danish music industry. After 12 years of existence, I am comfortable to say it out loud and confident it is true: Good because Danish is more than just a blog. We run an extraordinary project that serves one purpose – to give remarkable Danish artists space for showcasing their talents to the world. We are realizing this goal with passion, compassion and a deep willingness to not only review music but also to understand it.

From passion to profession

Mirjam Bär (with Good Because Danish since end of 2019): “Good Because Danish came to me at a crucial point in my life. This project re-awakened my love for writing. Music has always been my first love (and it will be my last), but I never thought I would pursue journalism again after some early-on disillusioning experiences in the field. Being able to write about what I want, and allowing myself to dive deep into musical expression sparked something in me. Impressed by what Arletta has built over the years, I allowed hope into my life again. Hope for a better music business, hope for better journalism. Arletta has also shown me a type of passionate, understanding but structured and morally solid leadership I really wish to see more in this world.

Look at me now, doing a master’s degree in journalism. Without Good Because Danish, I’d probably never have had the faith in my own abilites to do that. Working for this project makes me believe, again and again, what I thought are my weaknesses can be strengths. Being invested, being super sensitive, feeling a damn lot of things all the time.

I am so grateful. For everything I got to learn (and am still learning), for all the people I’ve met, for a unique insight into the Danish world of music I never would have gotten otherwise. “

Good because Danish is not going anywhere

There were many, many moments over the years when I thought “okay, that’s enough, I can’t do it anymore”. In the end, each time my amazing teammates lifted me up, Danish artists released music that screamed “write about me”, and we kept on going. Now I know, it was the best thing that could have ever happened, that we didn’t give up (special shout-out to Mirjam Bär and Marie Oleinik, the two powerhouses and wonderful friends, who stood and still stand by my side on this crazy ride and deliver assistance, expertise and laughs).

As we are starting year no. 13 of Good because Danish, we are full of ideas, run low on time to execute them, but don’t stop believing that we can squeeze some more magic out of our project. Danish music still delivers, artists grow and it is a delight to watch them develop, as well as observe new fresh blood entering the music scene. We are looking forward to writing more personal reviews, interviewing more great Danish artists, preparing more materials and discovering new music that will touch our hearts.

Thank you, dear Good because Danish Reader, whoever you are and wherever you are based, for sticking with us for all these years. Hopefully, we shared music that touched you. With luck, we will continue to do so in the future. Good because Danish is not going anywhere. As long as there is good music and good people around, we will be here as well.

All the best,
Arletta Przynoga
Good because Danish Founder & CEO ;)

We leave you today, on our 12th birthday, with a song that started it all. Without Turboweekend there would be no Good because Danish. One song can truly change a life. 

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