Music touches us in many ways. It influences our mood, calms us down, and stabilises emotions. Music combined with visuals resonates even better. When it comes to that, hardly anyone is more creative than Linebug. Having shared a few of their masterpieces and enjoyed a number of their emotive live shows, we are thrilled about their new EP “I Hold Myself Up By Looking At You”. The duo told us in a video interview about how it came together.

Linebug’s art has always been an intense presentation of intimate emotions, and it stays that way on “I Hold Myself Up By Looking At You”. Line Bøgh puts her heart in her palm and hands it to the listener in every song.  There is space for vulnerability, honesty, fear, self-doubt… In the end, comfort and happiness radiate from these songs. As the title suggests, it is all about having a shelter, a person or a passion to lean on in hard times. If you have that, you will get through whatever life brings.

We encourage you to watch Linebug’s music videos, including the most recent “Amusement Park”, featuring Christan Gundtoft’s beautiful visuals. Appreciate this EP with your eyes as well as your ears. Soft arrangements, dreamy vocals, melancholic melodies and lyrics filled with pure, unapologetic emotions make “I Hold Myself Up By Looking At You” a lovely piece of music, orbiting the outskirts of acoustic pop, indie singer-songwriter style, and a hint of synth-pop. Together with the visuals, this project is a unique one worth following.


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