On 23. February 2011 the Good because Danish blog was born. As we celebrate our 7th birthday, we look back at many amazing memories and experience we had with the project over the years. We went a long way! Changed the language of the page (from Polish to English), changed the layout a few times, had (and currently have) awesome team members, went to many concerts and festivals, did many interesting interviews…

Today we thought it is a good time for Danish artists we usually ask questions to ask us something they would like to know. Below you can find a little interview with… us, the GbD TEAM, made by several Danish bands and solo artists which we love. How it is to be on the other side of the question: exciting and a little bit scary. Check out if we did a good job with our answers :)

VETO: Why the Danish focus? Of all countries in the world…

GbD TEAM: Because you guys are inspiring! You’re doing a very good job and we want to share Danish music with people who do not have too many possibilities to hear your music. And historically, it all started with a song “Trouble Is” by Turboweekend. After hearing it on the radio and digging more into Danish music scene it was such a huge surprise that such small country can produce so much high-quality music in all genres. Somebody simply had to speak up about it to the world!

CLARA SOFIE: In the 7 years that you’ve existed, what has been your most memorable experience when it comes to music?

Each of our team members can name one for sure! Attending SPOT Festival is something that made a huge impression on all of us who ever got a chance to be there. The same with the legendary Roskilde Festival. Seeing the Orange Stage live is a view every music fan finds exciting. Thanks to the blog several of us were able to be a part of the festival and getting to see it from the “back”, as the press accreditation gives a different perspective. Interviews with our favourite artists is another thing that gives unforgettable memories. We think each of us who worked with the blog over the year has her/his special moment that they will cherish. And that’s one of the very special things about running Good because Danish. There is a place to make our dreams come true sometimes.

IDA GARD: If you could magically learn how to play any instrument – which one would it be?

Unfortunately, as far as we know, any of us can play, but if we’d get a chance to learn one it would be a violin for some of us, as we were very impressed with expression Vanessa-Mae played the violin. Some of us think about voice as an instrument and would love to be able to be a good singer to sing properly and in tune. Learning to play the guitar is also a dream for some of us.

A funny thing is, it seems like we never had anyone in the team who would have played an instrument more frequently. But thanks to the blog we get a chance to work with music to some extent and to be more actively involved in the music world. Our writing and sharing our thoughts and emotions connected to music is sort of our instrument.

LYDMOR: What is the most surprising answer you’ve received in an interview?

That’s a tough one! We did some really nice and really cool interviews over the past 7 years. Sometimes the most surprising was a facial reaction of the person we talked to. But if we had to choose, some of the most surprising answers came with the interviews our former co-editor Jasmin prepared before Roskilde Festival 2016. She asked artists about their most memorable moment from the festival and how would they call their imaginary Roskilde camp. Boy oh boy, musicians really do have a rich imagination and some seriously crazy memories! :)

The surprise often comes also when we ask a question “how would you describe your music in one sentence” or “if you had to invite a person who doesn’t know your band at all to your show, what would you say”. We know many artists hate this kind of questions, but on the other hand, they can be challenging because they force them to find the core of their music and its purpose.

LHUMA: For me, the greatest thing to achieve when I play, is to feel that everything transcends, when I feel myself disappearing into the music, being totally present, just following the flow of the music and the people I play with, and sharing that experience with the audience. Have you experienced that feeling at some point as a listener? To be totally taken by the music?

You have described it beautifully, Lhuma. Indeed, that’s the point why we are here in the GbD Team. Each of us is totally taken by the most of Danish music and we’re addicted to this feeling so much! Music, in general, was always part of each of our lives and it’s something where we can totally get lost in and completely forget the time. May it be listening to a song on repeat for an hour or being at a concert. We all try to integrate this feeling into our texts and that is the main point we run Good because Danish for. Each of us has those magical moments you described, as a listener, and we want to share them with our Readers, giving them a chance to maybe join us in getting lost into our favourite artist/band’s music.

Good because Danish is a passion – therefore, we write 99% of the time about the music that each of us has been “totally taken by” – as you put it. We are not professional reviewers, we are not here to judge – we are here mostly to share our passion and excitement for music. And the feeling of being completely mesmerized by what we hear or experience at concerts is the trigger for all our actions.

FIRST HATE: All actions have an impact on the world. What part of your work do you feel over the past 7 years have made the biggest impact on you?

Running a blog impacts your life in so many ways – sounds naive or silly maybe, but it is really true. The impact on our life is huge – we have met so many amazing people along the way, who shaped us, opened us up to new ideas, new ways of thinking. We learned new things, saw that we are capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. This 7-years-long blog journey is an adventure that changes a lot in our lives.

The biggest impact is made just by listening to the music more carefully when it’s to later write about for the blog. Each successively heard an album or single song leave something behind. After some time, it all comes together and in its own way shape either our music taste or our perception of the world and people.

For those of us who recently joined the team, actually, the decision to join has made the biggest impact. It brings so much fun and joy and you discover skills that you did not think you have before. It helps you grow.

And for those of us, who were here from the start or for real long – Good because Danish is like a baby. And a baby changes everything in life. So the biggest impact is also – to love this passionate group of people making things happen, to be proud of little projects we do and to organize the life around the blog. Because well, your baby is the most important thing in your life, right? :)

LINE BØGH: What did you learn about blogging in 7 years?

First and for most, we definitely learned a lot about the Danish music industry and music business in general. We got to know (often – in person) many wonderful Danish artists. We develop journalistic skills, which we often didn’t realize we even have. We learn about social media marketing, about websites development, organizing teamwork of a group spread all over the world, we even organized a few events under the Good because Danish name, which was also a great lesson of event management. To be honest, Good because Danish can be a really interesting point to talk about in a job interview! It’s a passion, but it is maintained in a more organized way, which gives many opportunities to learn and test our skills “in the real world”.

We also have learned over the past 7 years, that is you want something to happen, you need two things: good team of people around you (which we definitely have and it’s really not a sugar talk – it’s real connection through passion to Danish music) and a certain amount of work you put into the project. If you have that, you can “touch the sky” and organize your own showcase event, interview your favourite artists or… well, we won’t tell you everything, we have some cool stuff to come in the future, so you need to stay tuned ;)

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