Brimheim with live band – Danish Night Reeperbahn Festival 2022

Good Because Danish attended Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany this year. We have seen some great shows, listened to interesting panels and reconnected with old friends and colleagues while drinking German Astra beer. Here are our highlights of the Reeperbahn Festival 2022.

What we’ve learnt

There were two panels that we found insightful and interesting. “Artist Communication Without Going Nuts”, a catchy title and very honest talk by Tine Theurich, head of Superunknown communication agency, was one of them, We’ve learnt that there is no right time to post on social media. You don’t have to be on all social media channels, as they might not all be your cup of tea. Do, what suits you and what you enjoy. Everything else will not be authentic anyways. The key thing to remember is that followers are not the same as dedicated fans.
It was refreshing to hear a different perspective from “you have to be present everywhere online” and “do Tik Tok!”. Tine’s panel showed that the music industry might be shifting towards more honest and organic communication.

Another panel that we left with a lot of pointers and impulse to act was “Female Music Management Reloaded”.  A discussion among Rita Flügge-Timm, Flavia Guarino, Giuliana Jacobi and Kleopatra Tümmler, where the four women shared their stories of how they became entrepreneurs in the music industry and what they learned in their first years gave much-needed insight into the business from a female perspective.

What we’ve listened to

Blaue Blume

The sun is shining, the sky is blue. The Danish band Blaue Blume is playing on the FritzKola stage, high above the crowd on the ground. Singer Jonas holds on to the railing and sings with so much feeling. Almost like a balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. He leans so far over the balcony that it scares you. It almost seems like he’s about to jump. People all around in the crowd look a little shocked. But soon absolute bliss appears to take over and everyone is spellbound by Jonas’ singing.

Then they play their new song “Country”, which is about escaping the fast pace of our time by spending time in the countryside. “Wanna be part of the hype / but I’m losing balance / fuck it I’m done trying to hide / faking that smile”. We enjoy the honesty in Blaue Blume’s play and the crowd seems to, too.

Later that day Blaue Blume play a mesmerizing show at Imperial Theater. The red velvet seats, golden ceiling and theater stage accentuate their elaborate play and dramaturgy. You can see they enjoy to be on stage again as the now five-piece band pour their hearts out for us.

The Danish Night

We couldn’t miss the Danish Night, held at Indra club and hosted by Music Export Denmark (MXD).  The non-profit organization is supporting musicians from Denmark on their way to the international music market. At their event, managers, journalists and record labels from the Danish music scene met with international delegates at the reception and then enjoyed showcases by a selection of great Danish acts: Brimheim, Dayyani, First Hate and Saveus. Four very different artists. R’n’B, rock, dream pop – it was all there.

Brimheim at the Danish Night

Brimheim stands in front of the mic, smoky eye makeup, dark lipstick and a defiant look into the crowd. The white electric guitar with a rainbow-coloured strap clearly sets itself apart from the all-black outfit. Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff is the only woman in the band “Brimheim”, which is making its debut at Reeperbahn Festival. Behind her: Søren Manscher on acoustic guitar, Peter Albrechtsen on bass, Jeppe Bremann on drums and Buster Jensen on electric guitar and keyboards. “Are you ready for some Rock’n’Roll?” she asks mischievously and it immediately gets loud. At times they play with four guitars at once.

During their show at Indra, Brimheim’s elaborate instrumentation is skillfully translated to the stage. She mainly plays songs from her debut album, which we reviewed earlier this year, and older singles like “Kafka” and “Four Chambers”.

One of the highlights, along with singer Helena, is guitarist and keyboardist Buster Jensen. He plays the guitar like his life is at stake. Suddenly he puts in a solo, jumps off the stage into the audience, lands on his knees and abuses the strings. Then he lifts the guitar to his mouth and plays with his tongue. This is commitment, this is passion, almost reminiscent of great guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.

PRISMA at Molotow

The line to Molotow club is insane. Thankfully, we are able to get in just in time for PRISMA‘s show. The venue is so packed already, that we enjoy the concert standing at the entrance door, watching the two sisters from the side of the stage, as they enchant the audience with a combination of noise-rock elements, guitar riffs of the highest class and their synchronised, melodic vocals. PRISMA show that they are extremely well prepared to deliver a great live experience while staying cool and visibly enjoying the performance themselves. It is a tight concert, where you can see the live band that makes you wanna dance, jump, clap your hands and forget the outside world for a while. The audience loves it to the very last cord of the very last song.


It was quite a year at Reeperbahn Festival. We were finally able to experience live music without any covid-restrictions. Danish representation was strong, with the high-quality, charming performance of eee gee at Molotow and Saveus showing his melancholic side at a short showcase in the festival village. Hamburg was very gracious with delivering good weather and good vibes, as always. We hope the world won’t get completely mad and next year we will be able to come back to Reeperbahn for another dose of great music.

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