These are the top 3 Danish songs released from the end of September to the end of October that fought our hearts at Good because Danish.

Brimheim – “Literally Everything”

The new Brimheim song is growing on us! The contrast of her deep, hypnotizing vocals and synth melody can be mesmerizing.

At first, it was an adjustment to hear Brimheim in a more “in-your-face” radio pop arrangement, but it does work well for her!

Due to her charisma, “Literally Everything” has an edge, while being pleasant on the ears.

GRETA – “Never Enough”

GRETA hits the synths harder in her latest single “Never Enough”. She leaves the fairytale land of her debut album behind and she enters the dancefloor with confidence. However, there is still a hint of the daydreaming vibe in “Never Enough”.

“In my generation, there is a huge focus on self-realisation, on living our biggest dreams, but we often end up in a restless pursuit of happiness, ruled by FOMO and an inability to be present in the moment. This song is about the duality of the dream of eternal euphoria – a desire to do something about it, but also the longing and search for it,” says the artist.

GRETA surprised us with “Never Enough”. The single shows that she’s fleeding any try of putting her music into a box. We’ll see what she brings next, and now we’re expecting the unexpected!

Denni Ian – “I Plan to Run Out of Darkness”

A single from Denni Ian’s debut album “Salt King” is over 8 minutes long, and we love every second of it. The guitar-driven melody, in combination with deep, scratchy vocals made us think of Tom Waits give a perfect combination. Especially when you expand the sound with delicate, whispering female vocals and mix two different worlds of singing together. There is melancholy, but also resilience in “I Plan to Run Out of Darkness”, and it resonates throughout the whole album.

“I Plan to Run Out of Darkness” made me think of Irish shores for some reason. I imagined sitting at the edge of the cliff and contemplating the raw, free nature.

If you’re looking for a piece of music that is slightly more demanding than the ordinary background radio music, but worth diving into and devoting some time, Denni Ian has the album for you.

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