Last time, we shared with you our must-see acts SPOT Festival 2021, taking place on 16. and 17. September in Aarhus. Now, let’s dig a little deeper and discover the hottest newcomers and promising upcoming artists.

Top 10 newcomers at SPOT Festival 2021

Late Runner

Earlier this year, Asger Tarpgaard a.k.a. Late Runner delivered a heartwarming, psychodelic pop debut “Nothing’s Real Anymore”. We are curious about how his music sounds live and if a concert will create the same kind of intimate atmosphere and the feeling of sound delicacy as we can experience while listening to the album.

Rebecca Lou

Rebecca Lou is not quite a newcomer. The stage is her second home, and her band is smashing. Powerful arrangements with unapologetic approach to writing lyrics create a great combination, and we hope that Rebecca Lou still have that infectious energy and will fire up the venue.


GRO is a moniker of Julie Møller Christiansen from We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself. The music she creates under a new name is an ode to fragile beauty, calmness, and minimalistic arrangements. GRO combines the tenderness of sounds with authentic beats and melody, making us feel like we’re listening to silence singing. There is something spacious and organic in her song “In The Woods”; an element of peace only available in a safe space, an inner shelter each of us has. And we can’t wait to experience this magic live at SPOT at 16:00 on Friday, RADAR!


Brimheim’s domineering vocals and powerful instruments may invite comparisons with Florence and The Machine or PJ Harvey, but we believe there’s no one quite like Brimheim right now. Her poetic, yet serious and thought-provoking lyrics wrapped in attention-grabbing arrangements boldly bang on the door to stardom. Will it burst open at SPOT Festival this week? We will be there to find out.


If you’re looking for a Danish artist with real international potential, take a closer look at Dopha. Her highly praised debut album “The Game” is a charming pop gem, taking the best out of Danish melancholy and mixing it with edgy vocals and low-key arrangements. We’re curious how these delicate compositions will unfold on stage.


Blæst describe their lyrics as naive everyday poetry. Don’t we all need that sometimes, to lighten up and let go of daily stress? The band wrap the lyrics around funky, radiant melodies, making these songs a lovely, shining ball of positive energy. We hope they will share it with the audience at their concert.


Guldimund is Asger Nordtorp Pedersen, who goes back to Danish songwriting traditions and dives into indie-folk with this project. Even if you don’t speak Danish, his songs can touch intimate and delicate parts of your soul with clear arrangements, vocals slowly floating on top of melodies and an earthy atmosphere. Seeing Guldimund live will be a transcending experience.


Neon pop seems to be the most appropriate way to describe Fusia’s music. The band brings an ’80s vibe to life, while refreshing it with modern beats and contemporary arrangements. We all need to celebrate the return of live music, and Fusia’s show will be a perfect party.

Uden Ord

Uden Ord are an extraordinary trio operating on the outskirts of pop, rock, free-jazz, punk, and folk, and spicing up the final effect with a hint of Danish longing and a pinch of frustration buzzing underneath the melodies. We expect their performance to be an exceptional spectacle.

Kh Marie

In 2020, Marie Koldkjær Højlund released her debut solo album as Kh Marie. She opened the door to her musical universe of sensual melodies and lyrical study on love and its different aspects. The atmosphere of Kh Marie changes from joyful pop to a slightly mysterious electronic music. Just like her debut album, we hope that her live concert will be surprising and interesting.


Vi ses på SPOT Festival! See you at SPOT Festival!

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