“Forever We’ll Be Dancing”, the second album by GRETA, is a delectable collection of songs that evoke warm nostalgia and fresh creativity. Over the course of 32 minutes, GRETA paints elaborate, yet comfortable soundscapes that make you long for memories that aren’t even yours. The album was written during the pandemic, so it naturally channels feelings of homesickness and isolation.

“Forever We’ll Be Dancing” is a listening experience that completely engages my imagination. The second I press play, I stumble upon an exclusive members-only club. I correctly guessed the password, and the bouncer swings the door open to reveal a hazy, underground wonderland. Each song is a different room in this secretive space, and I am eager to immerse myself in all of them.

The first room in the club is “Vibrant”, a dreamy track that sounds like a soft karaoke bar. There are women in brightly-coloured legwarmers and fishnet gloves, with sky-high hairdos full of strawberry-scented hairspray. People are dancing and singing their hearts out. I leave that room and move on to “Stranger”, a hazy dive bar with a fog machine that smells of incense. Next, I step into “Nicht Allein”, an edgier version of a John Hughes prom montage, bopping along with crowds in pastel suits and poofy dresses with voluminous sleeves. “Wonder” is a fashion show, with posh models stomping down the runway in the world’s most expensive couture.

I continue my journey by stepping into “Drei”, an aerobics fever dream that makes you want to furiously move your body. Had it been released at the turn of the millennium, it would probably have been a popular but extremely difficult song featured in Dance Dance Revolution. I move on to “Forever We’ll Be Dancing” which is a gritty warehouse party with hypnotic lights. After dancing up a storm, I enter “Bliss II”, a swanky cocktail bar where I can grab a sweet drink and catch my breath. After hydrating, I walk into “Will You Stay”, a relaxing spa that smells like eucalyptus and mint. I emerge feeling refreshed and stumble into “Genug”, a dark dungeon filled with the world’s friendliest dominatrixes. The last destination in GRETA’s club is “Out of Mind”,  a cheerful room full of bright lights, dancing, and lots of bubbles. A fitting end to an incredibly eventful evening.

GRETA’s sophomore album is a delightful mix of playfulness and sophistication. The nostalgic sounds create an all-encompassing experience that allows you to travel through your headphones, which is evocative of its pandemic creation. If you’re a fan of nostalgic pop beats and airy vocals, “Forever We’ll Be Dancing” should definitely be added to your playlist.

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