Danish music has a lot to offer and we find many songs we keep coming back to, as well as new stuff which end up on “Repeat 1”. These days the four releases you can find below are on a loop in our speakers. 

These days we listen to…

FUSHIA – Dreams & Stardust

This wonderful female duo mesmerized us with their single “Dreams & Stardust” from the very first listen. FUSHIA‘s sound covers the listener with a fog of mystery, melancholy and… comfort. 

FURNS – Fool

This cosy, melodic cute song from FURNS is a perfect single for a chilled out afternoon with tea (or wine), under a warm blanket. “Fool” delivers an additional warm cover of sounds, with its smooth beat, calming and a somewhat melancholic vocal and a lot of natural, relaxed vibes, which is a certain trademark of FURNS’ music.

GRETA – Ardent Spring

GRETA came on our radar some time ago, but with her latest single “Ardent Spring”, she really took over our hearts. The mysterious combination of gentle folk and electronic vibes in the melody, with vibrant vocals put on top, make a wonderful whole. For some reason “Ardent Spring” makes me think of an underwater world. See what would it make you think of.

FRUM – Ocean

Springtime is usually a joyful time for most of us. FRUM‘s new song “Ocean” is definitely a song picturing happy feelings. Boucing, light melody corresponds well with the season we’re ahead of. While listening to “Ocean” you just want to get up and dance, jump, laugh and have a good time. We need those songs a lot when the world around us is not as joyful as would like it to be.

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