GRETA and her debut EP “Wild and Young” is a pleasant reminder that the relationship between pop and acoustic music is blossoming.

GRETA‘s release contains four songs which are a true balm for the soul. The EP is also something very different from GRETA’s previous releases, where she showed a more pop face (like in singles “Spin” or “Daughter”). There is something very primal in “Wild and Young” EP, in a way that you can hear how GRETA dug deep into the roots of sound and how organic her compositions are when it comes to melody. A beautiful combination of acoustic sounds, peaceful melodies and GRETA’s smooth vocals brings peace to a troubled mind.

There is something in “Wild and Young” EP which makes me feel like I transported myself to a little meadow in the middle of a big, old forest. The almighty trees surround it like a green, dignified fortress, where I feel safe and ready to meditate on many different things. Something in the songs steers my mind to think about nature. I also applaud GRETA for not being scared to include longer songs on the EP, in the time of pressure for making 3-minute radio hits. The opening title song “Wild and Young” and closing “Undone” really give the listener time to explore the sound and calm down with them.

One of the biggest joys of listening to music – in my opinion – is this exact feeling: being mentally transported  to a safe shelter where you can find peace. Despite hints of melancholy and tiny disturbance locked in songs on “Wild and Young”, GRETA’s debut EP gives me a chance to go deep inside myself and explore my own “wild and young” side. 

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