Obviously, we love music, and especially Danish music. As a small but dedicated team, we try to keep as up-to-date as we can with the news in the scene. There is so much more out there than we can cover, but we are happy to receive submissions and recommendations.

Please read the guidelines below before submitting

We only cover music by Danish artists, or those with a significant connection to Denmark — not Scandinavia! Acts from Greenland and Faroe Islands are fine.

Fill in the form below to submit music for a review. Please do not send us files via WeTransfer or anything else that might expire. There can be a few weeks before we get to your submission, and it would be unfortunate if it expires. We can only process music that is sent as a link; attached mp3 files can’t be accepted for security and storage reasons. You’re welcome to send us a press release as an attached file though.

You’re welcome to send us as many submissions as you want, however, please try to keep it one release per email (EP, album, or single).

Get in touch with us via hello@goodbecausedanish.com to discuss collaborations, interviews, and other matters. If you would like to contact a certain team member, you can find their information here. If you would like Good because Danish to premiere your music, please indicate so clearly in the subject line, so we don’t miss it.

If possible, we would appreciate it if you sent us the information in English. We have some Danish-speaking staff, but as the language of the blog is English, it would make things much easier.


    We wish we could—but we cannot cover all the wonderful submissions we receive or provide feedback. Should a member of our team decide to write about your pitch, we will get back to you.