Young Aalborg-based band TELUS caught our attention with their latest post-punk single “Apart”. A story about two people falling out of love. “Love, love will tear us apart, again…”, quoting Joy Division fits lyrically. TELUS also creates a similar, though not exactly the same vibe with their music.

Who is TELUS? Like many bands, their story started in a high school classroom. Five friends joined together to play music. United by the inevitable desire to create. In 2021, they released their debut single “It Must Die (So I Can Survive)”.

“Apart” needs undivided attention

Their second single “Apart” is here (out on 19. May 2023). It is an intense post-punk song about the incompatibility of two people. Nothing you can listen to casually on the way home, this song needs your undivided attention.

“Apart” starts with a melancholic guitar. Quickly, the bass follows with a hypnotizing urgency. Then, there is the voice of Tobias Facius Christensen, taking you to a deeply intimate space. The vulnerability of his voice reminds me of emo, but instrumentally, TELUS goes more in the direction of post-punk or even dark wave. On the bands’ linktree, they describe their style as “pandehårspunk” (Eng. “forehead hair punk”). 

When I heard “Apart” coming together for the first chorus, I let go, closed my eyes and gently started nodding. Nodding because I realized: this was solid music. Good production, meaningful lyrics, and well-orchestrated dramaturgy. Nodding because well, that is the way you move to this kind of music. 

TELUS and their vision

With two songs released, it is fair to call TELUS a newcomer band. Therefore, I wanted to give some room to the band to introduce us to their vision.

What does TELUS mean to you?

TELUS: Emotion, energy, the balance between beauty and ugliness. We like to be able to ignite a party, open up the dancefloor, and move the audience with introspective and melancholic ballads. Music, for us, is a profound way to process life’s complexities, and we hope that our band can bridge the gap between the audience and the artist, creating a powerful and meaningful musical experience.

Which artists would you say you’re influenced by?

Some of our key influences include The Strokes and LCD Soundsystem, who have influenced our energetic and danceable side. We also find inspiration in Danish bands like Iceage, Blaue Blume and Kashmir, who have had a significant impact on our sound. Additionally, artists like The Cure, Phoebe Bridgers and Ethan Gruska have influenced our exploration of songs and a sound with more emotional depth and introspection. Right now we’re really into the band Wunderhorse.

What is your motivation to make music?

First off, it’s because it’s fun. And because we can’t not make music. In the long run, it’s probably more of an attempt to make people feel and reflect on different aspects in life. We hope that our music can be a medium for this.

You met in high school. How would you describe your relationship nowadays as band members?

Our relationship has only gotten stronger since we started making music together. We’ve become closer through the music. We’re actually moving in together with some other friends and forming an artist collective.

If you could choose freely, which venue or festival would you like to play at?

Of course, in Denmark, the dream would be to play the Orange stage at the Roskilde Festival. Internationally, it would be at venues like O2 (London) – that would be a dream come true. There’s also a cool place in Paris called Super Sonic, where we would love to play if we could. The vibe there is super cool.

TELUS will be releasing two more singles before their debut EP “Love Songs For Strangers” comes out later this year. Stay tuned, they also plan to go on a mini-tour in autumn!

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