There is something so beautiful about finding a piece of music and instantly falling in love with it. Such discoveries can change lives. And they often happen by a coincidence, unobstructed by paywalls.

Good because Danish is a small team of music lovers, running the site with one goal: to share songs and stories that are powerful enough to spark new connections between artists and listeners. We believe that music is the great equalizer; it’s for everyone. Therefore, there is no advertisement on the website, no clickbait, no sponsored posts. We don’t answer to any bosses or investors. Every article was written by someone out of pure love.

It was this enthusiasm that took Good because Danish from one person’s hobby blog to an international online magazine, cited by labels and praised by artists. As our audience grew and our inbox filled up with countless music submissions, our expenses increased too. Still, we choose to keep our reviews, interviews, galleries and articles free.

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