Live music is coming back to life, and we can’t fully express the joy and thrill of being able to attend SPOT Festival 2021 in the flesh. This Aarhus-based event presenting new Danish talents is a special one for Good because Danish, and we’ve missed it like no other festival. Taking place on Thursday and Friday 16. and 17. September 2021, SPOT Festival once again has a line-up filled with great names that already made a mark on the Danish music scene, as well as a vast amount of fresh acts hoping to open a door to the industry. 

It was tough to choose which artists we want to see this year, and we are waiting to be surprised by the brand new acts. However, there are some names that we really don’t want to miss, and we recommend you to mark them in your SPOT 2021 calendars.

SPOT Festival 2021 – Good because Danish must-see acts


These four friends from Copenhagen make progressive metal to blow your mind. Having just released their latest success album “Witness”, the band will be playing at Train on Friday. VOLA is not just music, VOLA is a whole world, an all-consuming experience. Stay open and let them take you on a journey to an otherworldly state of mind.

Blaue Blume

Do we really need to introduce this absolute firework of talent? For years, Blaue Blume have been masters of emotional art-pop music. Their concerts are an excellent showcase of this enormous instrumental and vocal talent. The midnight show at Musikhuset’s Store Sal will definitely be no other. Be ready to get vulnerable and dive into the magical Blaue Blume atmosphere! Bonus tip: Blaue Blume’s singer Jonas Smith will play an acoustic show as part of SPOT’s NAKED series on Friday at Musikhuset’s Symfonisk Sal.

Gemini Inc.

A young newcomer duo that dances with contrasts, paints in various shades and with open arms welcome all the confusion that goes with it. Since the release of their self-titled debut album in January, we have been curious about this band. How will they translate their unclassifiable experimental sound on stage? Gemini Inc. will play as part of Rock The Region at Trailerscenen on Friday.


This punk rock outfit seemingly appeared overnight and took Denmark by storm over the course 2020. By now, Joyce need no introduction. Debut album “Formskifter” and live shows overflowing with raw energy have established Joyce as a much-needed breath of fresh air in the Danish music scene. A great time is guaranteed if you come to Ridehuset at 23:30 on Thursday.

First Flush

First Flush make gorgeous pop music with raw punk undertones. By their fourth album “Fjorden”, which came out earlier this year, First Flush have mastered their craft. They continue breaking boundaries and creating unparalleled soundscapes. SPOT Festival describes this band as a mix between Marching Church and Sivas, and while they might have a point, there is no one like First Flush. Ridehuset on Friday at 21:30 is the place to be.


GRETA’s debut album “Ardent Spring” became our all-time-favourite Danish release, and she conquered the indie-pop scene in Denmark with her flowery scenography, dreamy vocals and subtle roughness buzzing underneath the delicate arrangements. By now, GRETA is a well-known name. We can’t wait to see her performance and find out how the magic of her songs transfers to a live audience. If you like the atmosphere of the ’80s in music, you should be at the Musikhuset’s Rytmisk Sal on Friday at 23:00.


Pop music has many faces, one of them is that of Takykardia. A gentle mix of energetic beat and dreamy electronic vibe takes the listener into a journey while staying slightly distant and undiscovered. Their debut album “Better” was a great first look into Takykardia’s universe, and we hope their concert will be a chance to dive deeper into it on Thursday at 22:30, at the Lille Sal of Musikhuset.


This sister-duo from Copenhagen released an EP that comforts your body, as well as your soul while being surprisingly edgy and fresh. The combination of a rock vibe and dream-pop is never boring, and we hope to be entertained at the PRISMA concert the same way we are while listening to their music. We’ll definitely be there on Friday at 19:45 at Ridehuset.


Other live acts that we recommend checking out are Blæst, Dopha, Rebecca Lou, Brimheim, Guldimund, Late Runner, Fusia, EmmaDop, GRO, Kh Marie, Statisk, Tredjeperson, and Uden Ord.

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