“Christmas is the day that holds all time together.”Alexander Smith


And here we are – it’s been 24 exciting days of Advent, and now it has come to an inevitable finale. Merry Christmas, God Jul, everybody! We hope you enjoyed our little countdown throughout December and can now celebrate the holidays with your loved ones – as far as that is possible. Check out the Good Because Danish Christmas playlist with all the songs from our advent calendar and more – just in time for your cozy festivities!

20. December

The Grenadines – “It Is Christmas Again”

We need feel-good music around Christmas. You might say it’s cheesy and cliché, but it does make this time of the year festive in a unique way. The Grenadines know that, so they’ve brought us a lovely Christmas single that feels like falling into a pile of fluffy snow to make a wonderful angel. The first verse, “I’m heading back home,” hits differently this time of the year. We hope each of you has a home to go to this December; home is where your heart is.

21. December

Roxy Jules – “As White As The White In White Noise”

A typical Roxy Jules song with a certain dark melancholic mood. “As White As The White In White Noise” is carried only by guitar and vocals, which is unusual for rock but works just fine here. The “white noise” is present as an instrumental noise wall, constantly building suspense throughout the song. Perfect for a gloomy winter day.

22. December

Trentemøller – “All Too Soon”

He just needs to be on this list. What’s a Danish Advent Calendar without a Trentemøller song? The dreamy voice on his Christmas songs has always been Lisbet Fritze, and she is also singing on “All Too Soon”. This song is not your typical holiday chant, but it evokes the fuzzy feeling of dark hygge: distinct bass line, reverb dominating the vocals, overall melancholic atmosphere. “All Too Soon” is pleasantly goth and feels just festive enough. Merry Christmas to all bats and vampires out there!

23. December

Hymns From Nineveh – “Stop Loss”

Hymns From Nineveh released a wonderful album “Julekassen” (eng. Christmas box) and gave us a year-round Christmas record. Whenever darkness and craziness of this world bring you down, dive into “Julekassen” and pick a song that will brighten your day. “Stop Loss” is definitely one of them. The lightness of the melody, the softness of the lyrics, the uplifting atmosphere of the song make you almost feel the smell of a Christmas tree. If this time of the year is tough, play Hymns From Nineveh for some comfort and joy.

24. December

GRETA, Rebecca Lou, Brimheim, Kamma, girlcrush – “This Time Of Year (Wake Me Up When December Ends)”

This Christmas hymn by artists from WAS Entertainment hits the spot. Unlike some Christmas music, “This Time Of Year (Wake Me Up When December Ends)” doesn’t force you to pretend it’s all fun and sparkles just because it’s the festive season. Christmas can be a rough time, too. In “This Time Of Year”, GRETA, Rebecca Lou, Brimheim, Kamma, and girlcrush validate these uncomfortable emotions. You don’t have to feel happy and festive just because everyone else is celebrating. It’s okay to be melancholic during Christmas.

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