“Christmas is a together-y sort of holiday.”  – Winnie the Pooh

Welcome to Part 3 of the Good Because Danish Advent Calendar 2021! As we are getting closer to Christmas, the atmosphere is getting more festive and excitement is growing. In this special time of the year, we want to stop for a moment and focus on some of the songs that make our hearts tremble. Here is a collection of the last 7 days of the Good because Danish Advent Calendar. Remember to check our social media for daily Advent treats following up until the 24. December!

13. December

Gurli Octavia – “X-Ray”

Gurli Octavia undoubtedly has the potential to be the next great musical poet. Though her music is intimate, songs like “X-Ray” could easily fit a big festival audience, singing along and waving hands, feeling a part of a community. This song is about painful emotions, written by a person who has experienced a lot of pain and described it on a deeply personal level in music. Simultaneously, “X-Ray” is about emotions we all experience to some degree. The power of music lets us identify with it. Not every artist delivers music that lets us relate in such a graceful and smooth way, but Gurli Octavia does.

14. December

Emma Dop – “What We May Love”

Need a pick-me-up this cold winter? Turn on EmmaDop’s “What We May Love”, get on your dancing shoes and fire away! This positive synth-pop song can light up grey skies and moody Tuesdays. EmmaDop remain one of our favourite newcomer discoveries from this year’s SPOT Festival.

15. December

MoonBee – “You Are Not A Lonely Planet”

Music inspires us and helps us move forward. However, it only happens occasionally that new music surprises us with something really different. That is the case with Gry Colding, also known as MoonBee. Her debut double-EP “Come Move In Another Dimension” brought a delightful collection of dreamy pop tunes. One of them is “You Are Not A Lonely Planet”, a wonderful reminder that we are not alone in this world. The end of a year can be joyful, as well as challenging and tough. We might question our place in life, feel lonely. In her song, MoonBee reminds us that those feelings, as much as they are valid, are most likely not true. She appears exactly when we need her soothing message, so, if you find yourself feeling a bit down this Christmas, turn to MoonBee for comfort. She will deliver.

16. December

Christina Strandholdt – “Christmas Song”

If you haven’t felt the Christmas spirit so far, maybe you will after this song. “Christmas Song” by Christina Strandholdt is exactly what its name promises: bells, vocals with so much reverb it resembles a full choir, single piano notes sounding like snowflakes trickling down in between. This song just might make you want to bake cookies, build a snowman and decorate your Christmas tree.

17. December

Infralyd – “Gasping For Water, Drowning in Air, Dreaming I Was Awake”

Infralyd provides a soothing, wintery interlude for today. “Gasping For Water, Drowning in Air, Dreaming I Was Awake” from his debut album “…and it was all for you” is a dreamy soundscape that can take you on a journey to higher conscience. Take a break from stressful Christmas shopping, turn inwards and enjoy this gem all by yourself.

18. December

Nille Nyc – “Wiser”

Christmas is mostly a time of joy. But sadness and anger don’t magically disappear in December. The wonderful DIY artist Nille Nyc reminds us about that with her single “Wiser”. Break-ups are never easy, but at the end of the year, they can be even tougher. Nille Nyc wraps the harsh lyrics around a soft arrangement, like the final song at a school dance.”Can’t you pretend it was good,” she calls out, piercing through the soul in a way that sticks. It makes you wonder what’s better: to pretend and not disrupt the Christmas atmosphere or to be brutally honest and leave?

19. December

Ida Wenøe – “Til Jeg Har Dig”

Most of Ida Wenøe‘s songs have been in English, but “Til Jeg Har Dig”, written a couple of years ago, is in Danish. It feels unwieldy; the words don’t come out as smoothly as they would in English, and somehow, this makes them feel especially raw and honest. WHO KILLED BAMBI and their delicate strings accentuate this effect and add a much-welcomed layer of drama to it.

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