There is one event especially close to our hearts: SPOT Festival. This year, only seven months after the previous edition, the lovely city of Aarhus will once again showcase rising artists between the 6. and 7. May. Excited to join all music lovers, we went through this year’s line-up and picked ten upcoming names that we think are a sensation in Danish music. Mark your calendars and don’t miss their show.

#1 Total Hip Replacement

Groovy, baby! Total Hip Replacement are a gifted seven-piece jazz/highlife orchestra, combining dark lyrics with hopeful energy. On their new album “Anyankofo” they collaborated with Ghanaian musicians such as Kwame Yeboah. Total Hip Replacement are known for their vibrant live shows, so don’t miss them on Saturday, 10:30 pm at turkis.


Four people who play queer dance rock, that’s UBLU. Their unique mix of rough guitars, hard rock references and glam pop vocals will blow your mind! UBLU aim to create room for unapologetic queer expression. See for yourself on Saturday, 10:00 pm at Klubscenen, Musikhuset.

#3 Alto Aria

Alto Aria is the experimental solo project by Maria Leth Schütze. In her music, she is floating through acoustic and electronic sounds. Piercing vocals on top, this is an exploration of what music can do. Open yourself up and discover on Friday 7:30 pm at A-Huset.

#4 Fabräk

Fabräk dropped into the scene of out nowhere when they released their debut album this spring. Call it shout-rap, noise-rock or a fresh breeze for Danish hip-hop. This is music for jumping, dancing, having fun! Come Saturday, 20:45pm to Ridehuset and enjoy!

#5 H.E.R.O.

When they appeared on our radar with a new album “Alternate Realities”, we instantly fell in love with H.E.R.O. Smashing rock/metal instrumentation mixed in with pop vocals: basically what used to be called emo back in the day. Get ready for some serious headbanging while singing along on Saturday at 7:45 pm at Train (SPOT Metal).

#6 eee gee

Good pop music is not as easy to find as it might seem with a flood of new artists trying to make it in this in-demand genre. eee gee already has a clear idea of her image and her sound. Fiona Apple, Nora Jones and Duffy vibes with a hint of original charisma make a great combo. We hope that eee gee’s live performance will be as good as the album “Winning”. Don’t miss her show at Park-scenen, Saturday at 4:45 pm.

#7 iomfro

Dreamy vocals, Danish lyrics and a handful of easy-going melodies, iomfro guarantees a chilled live experience. Her music sounds like spring locked in between sounds, reminding us of Shy Shy Shy. This is everything we need as flowers blossom and the sun shines outside. We hope to take a wonderful concert memory with us from her show at Musikhuset’s Lille Sal at 10:45 pm on Friday.

#8 Holm

Indie rock still has its charm, as Holm proves with a combination of laid-back guitars, scratchy vocals and the sound of a Brixton garage band. Mikkel Holm Silkjær, the frontman of Danish outfit Yung, shows his solo potential and we are totally here for it. We missed the music that has as little computer vibe as possible, sounds real and makes us imagine actual people standing next to each other on stage, playing together. We hope to see just that at Holm’s concert on Saturday at 9:00 pm at HeadQuarters.


ZAAR sounds like a dance of the last freezing night with the first spring morning. There’s magic and mystery hidden between the gentle notes and sharp vocals. She derives from folk influences while moving forward with futuristic arrangements. It will be interesting to see if our image of ZAAR and a goddaughter of Bjork and Robyn will be accurate at her concert on Friday at A-huset, 11:30 pm.

#10 girlcrush

Girlcrush played Roskilde Rising stage in 2019, but we think the best is yet to come for this queer-feminist pop-punk trio out of Copenhagen. Their imperfect, raw punk rock is a breath of fresh air in the flood of it-all-sort-of-sounds-the-same music, and we hope to see an energetic show on Saturday at 7:30 pm at Radar.


See you at SPOT Festival 2022!

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