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SPOT Festival 2023 is just around the corner. On the 5. and 6. of May, Denmark’s music scene will come together in Aarhus for two days packed with good music.

When I meet people, who have never been to SPOT Festival, I get all excited. And this is how I explain to them why I love this festival so much: There is so much good music everywhere, and so many new artists to discover. The festival grounds are quite small and the stages are close to each other. No long walks anywhere. You can sleep in a real bed after a day (and night) full of concerts. I love diving into the music industry like this every year. For someone who is not living in Denmark, this is the perfect opportunity. Finally meeting fellow journalists, colleagues, and artists in person. Re-connecting, catching up, and having fun. Also: great beer. 2022 was already great fun. We can’t wait to go back to Aarhus this year.

And we know how overwhelming it can be to scroll through the whole lineup every year. So we did that job for you and gathered the most exciting acts. Here are our must-see acts for SPOT Festival 2023:


Barbro slid into our consciousness with their second single “U Think I’m Strange??” in 2021. Later that year we celebrated the artist’s first EP by singing along to all the songs in our kitchens, especially “Demo Dog” and “Don’t You Wait For Me”. Barbro’s music is raw and honest. There is no need to pretend. Just being themselves, finding yourself, finding love and losing it again. And sometimes that can sound quiet and vulnerable, sometimes loud and noisy. Call it singer-songwriter, call it folk-rock, call it indie – we are getting a strong unapologetic grunge vibe. And we’re in love with it. Therefore, we recommend not miss Barbro and their hand-made music at SPOT Festival 2023.

Lucky Lo

I have a soft spot for deep voices. Of course, I have to recommend Lucky Lo. Also known as Lo Ersare, she is a Swedish musician and songwriter from Umeå, currently based in Copenhagen. Her solo project combines her songwriting with the sound of her band, which she has played with since 2019. Lucky Lo’s debut album, Supercarry (2022), is a triumph of positivity and personal transformation. Drawing from her own experiences of trauma and vulnerability, the album blends dreamy, funky, and disco-infused indie pop with mantra-like refrains and hopeful messages. Each song is a snapshot of a moment in Lo’s life. We are excited to experience her live on stage.


AySay is a Danish/Kurdish trio consisting of Luna Ersahin on vocals and saz (string instrument), Aske Døssing Bendixen on percussion, and Carl West Hosbond on guitar. With several EPs and their debut album “Su Akar” (2021) they established their music as a fusion of Middle Eastern and Nordic influences by combining traditional instruments with modern electronic production. Singing in Turkish, Danish, and Kurdish, Luna’s lyrics are honest, deep, and hopeful. The result could be described as modern folk, building a bridge between Kurdish and Danish cultures. We look forward to getting to know AySay at the SPOT Festival 2023.


Kaizer is an artist that mesmerized us from the start. Her debut single “You kill me with a word” in 2020 had a vibe of youth and freshness, while sounding experienced and mature simultaneously. And the following releases only confirmed that first impression of ours, especially her EP “Crying Like A Rose” in 2021. Theatrical electro-pop, created with a punk vibe is exactly what we also hear in her recent single “Shoppping for Medicine”. Currently, Karen Stenz Lundqvist aka Kaizer is on tour as an opener for Dopha’s Denmark shows. And on the 6th of May, she will stop by SPOT Festival for a show. We can’t wait.


Last year, Danish-Corsican artist Marie Louise released her debut EP under the moniker MALU and it caught our hearts at Good because Danish. On “Evergreen”, MALU opens a door into a surprisingly organic musical universe, only slightly sprinkled with groovy beats and laid-back melodies. We are curious how the music will present live and will MALU have as much charisma and gentle power over the audience as she has on the EP.

Tender Youth

This Copenhagen-based quartet is a big hope of the Danish indie rock music scene. Tender Youth released a debut album ‘In the Hands of Broken Bonds” earlier this year and if it sounds half as good live as it does on the record, we will be happy. Their melodies are as catchy, as they are edgy. Their sound is as fresh and extraordinary, as it is somewhat familiar and brings back memories. This act is definitely one of the gems in this year’s SPOT Festival line-up.


Trader will represent Aarhus at SPOT Festival. Playing a “home game” can be both encouraging and stressful, so we hope that they will handle the pressure well. Their rock music, rooted in grunge and taking what’s best from indie rock sounds of the 90’s introduces an interesting atmosphere. A blend of melancholy, and resignation, with hints of repressed rage is underlined by vocals that are sung, but often sound like someone was talking to themselves. Rock is a genre full of surprises, especially listened live during a concert, therefore we have high hopes for Trader’s performance. Looking forward to something unexpected.

Comebacks that we are excited to see at SPOT Festival 2023

There are two names in this year’s SPOT Festival line-up that we are beyond excited to see. Fallulah will present her new album “Celeste” live (release date: 02.05.2023) and Rangleklods, who recently joined Tambourinhoceros Records and will release a new album in September 2023, will be back on stage after a break. These two acts are high on the Good because Danish top 10 favourite Danish artists list, seeing them in top shape, and releasing new music that not only does not disappoint but exceeds expectations is simply great. Seeing established acts among newcomers in the line-up is a cherry on top of the amazing musical experience that the SPOT Festival always is. See you in the audience!


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