Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.Edna Ferber

It is this time of the year again. As we approach the end of 2021, and Christmas is upon us, Good because Danish revisits the music from the passing year, digs into older archives, and shares a song each day of December to make your waiting for Christmas even more cosy and pleasant.  You can find daily Advent treats on our social media, and every Sunday we will share a weekly summary on the website. Welcome to our Advent Calendar! 

1. December

SchönSchein – “Just Walk In”

The voice of Schön Schein (Julie Dybvad) embodies all the pleasant tones in palettes of wine. In one song, she can go dark and deep like a nice red, soft and light like a summery white, and relievingly careless and sweet like a rosé. Listening to Schön Schein, picture of a smokey underground jazz bar comes to mind, as well as a rich green field with folk musicians and Joan Baez. “Just Walk In” is an intimate invitation into SchönSchein’s universe.

2. December

Lydmor – “Amandas Lullaby”

“The more that we open, the less space they’ll get,” sings Lydmor in the opener of her latest, highly-acclaimed album “Capacity”. With this powerful message, Lydmor stands up to misogynist bullies who undermine women and get away with it. Advent is a good time to think deeper about inequality and discrimination in society, the issues we often choose to ignore. Lydmor forces us to stop and see these problems, and then fight them with love and openness. In “Amandas Lullaby” she uses simple means, like a plain synth sound, to catch the listener’s attention. It’s not a multilayered complex musical line that gives the song its power; It is the lyrics underlined by the minimalistic arrangement. Dive into this track and allow yourself to see the world with all its imperfections, without any excuses.

3. December

The Raveonettes – “When The Night Is Almost Done”

The Raveonettes are known for their sound being the absolute epitome of dark hygge. On “When The Night Is Almost Done” this is no different. The vocals are so airy, and the distinct bells perfectly fit a cosy evening at home, watching the snowstorm outside.

4. December

Tomas Høffding – “Alle De Kys Jeg Ikke Fik”

Tomas Høffding shared his solo album “Ild, Drømme, Frihed Og Fred” earlier this year, which feels like hanging out with friends, spending cosy time with people close to your heart. You can be completely open and honest with them and go through the mundane parts of life feeling their support.

5. December

Hannah Schneider – “We Will Be the Only Sound in the World”

To be able to give space to silence in one’s music is not a skill mastered by many artists. Hannah Schneider has it. In the single “We Will Be the Only Sound in the World” from her upcoming solo album “Ocean Letters”, Schneider is so careful with using any sound at all. You can picture her finger lingering over a piano key, hesitating not to let another note be too much. People rush around before Christmas, forgetting what Advent is about. It is about stopping and, if you’re a Christian, patiently awaiting the birth of Jesus Christ. Perhaps it is a cliche. However, every cliché has some truth to it. We all get so busy that it becomes hard to pause, to give ourselves time and space to enjoy silence. Songs like “We Will Be the Only Sound in the World” help us do just that: nothing. Sometimes, that is the best gift for the pre-Christmas rush.

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