Before allowing you a glimpse at Linebug’s new single, we ask you to quickly stop and get prepared. This track will shine a bright light on us as human beings, with all our weaknesses and weird behaviours. Are you ready?

Then let’s go and take a walk through the nocturnally dark “Amusement Park” with Linebug, consisting of songwriter Line Bøgh and visual artist Christian Gundtoft.

We follow Line’s soft voice through the absurdity of a scenario that we could actually enjoy, if only we would stop repeatedly making ourselves feel down. Lame, you think? Human, we say. In times when complaining comes automatically, “Amusement Park” points out that we often spend more energy on sabotaging ourselves than on lifting each other up and enjoying positive things.

I am very fascinated with our ability to sabotage ourselves and each other without realising it. I imagine that if an alien visited Earth and observed our inability to seize happiness, it would be a bit like watching a bunch of confused kids in an amusement park that kept fighting each other, even though the stalls were full of candyfloss and sodapops”, Line Bøgh says about her new song.

Even if the title “Amusement Park” sounds like something superficial, the lyrics make the song very real, very human, very us. So let’s take it in. Listen carefully, watch the video with the amazing visuals by Christian Gundtoft, breathe, and see if you might recognise yourself in there. May this song be a turning point and remind us to enjoy, live, and experience life instead of fighting and dwelling on the bad in and around us.

For all who can’t get enough of the duo (who just moved to the actual ghostly town Zeitz in Germany), we are happy to announce that Linebug’s new EP “Amusement Park” is coming on 4. June 2021. We certainly can’t get enough, and luckily June will be here sooner than we feel.

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