LINE BØGH – tour-life diary

Line Bøgh is touring frequently. We can see her on stage in Denmark a lot, even more in Germany. You may think she must have some perfectionist that organises her touring life for her, as she is on the road almost always. But no, her tour-life is very self-made and she organises all of it alone.

Good because Danish was lucky enough to get in touch with her and had her tell us in a little tour diary how she does that, what she experiences during this intense time and why she loves to be so independent.

Enjoy a little trip to Line’s tour life:

  • One of the things I like the most about DIY-touring, is that everything runs on trust and a genuine love for music. People open their homes up and gather all their friends to hear your concert - it really brings out the good in people, and I’m so happy to be part of this culture. This picture was taken in Dresden after a Wohnzimmer concert arranged by some really wonderful people.