Ida Wenøe‘s latest single “One Step” is a gentle reminder that the world is big, and we should look at it through the eyes of a child more often.

Released on the 28. August via Integrity Records, “One Step” is the first preview of Ida Wenøe’s upcoming album. The signature mix of folk and Americana sound, with Ida’s unique vocals on top, makes the song feel like coming home.

Ida’s music has always been a shelter for me. Whenever I wanted to hide from the world and recharge, I turned myself to one of her albums. But I haven’t been listening to her music as much the last couple of months. I got busy; the world got too insane. Ida and I parted ways for a while. “One Step” feels like a visit from an old friend after a lengthy separation. We are reconnected now, and it feels like we last met just yesterday. That’s the beauty of Ida Wenøe’s music; she effortlessly finds a way to come back and catch attention with her songs.

Another thing standing out in “One Step” is the well-established style. If you know Ida’s music, you recognise her almost immediately. However, she is never boring. Just like when meeting an old friend, catching up with Wenøe’s songs is always fun.

The new song reminds us that the universe is big, while our capability of exploring and understanding it is limited. It is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, knowing less is a blessing, as it leaves us freer and more open to the world. It may be a good idea to re-discover the childlike innocence and curiosity within ourselves.

“One Step” starts off sounding slightly depressing or disturbing. “I’m waking you up in the night, to see if you’re still alive,” sings Wenøe, adding that “every day I’m losing time, every day is one step closer to the end”. However, the song still brings comfort. It makes me think that I don’t have much time here on Earth, so, perhaps, the most important thing is to feel that I used it well.

Ida Wenøe combines mature musical craftsmanship with a very personal message and shares pieces of her soul with the listener. Every song feels like a friendly, well-meaning advice. It is humble and honest, so it stays with me long after.

I will come back to “One Step” many times. Not only because it is a lovely song, but also because time spent with a friend is time well-spent.

Ida is currently on tour in Denmark and will take over our Instagram this Wednesday, 23. September 2020, along with her wonderful live band. Don’t miss it!

Ida Wenøe // One Step (Official Music Video) from Songcrafter Music on Vimeo.

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