Mob War are back with their second single “West Points Up” and we are excited to premiere it today on Good because Danish.

When I called them a “gifted post-rock trio” and “my latest crush” reviewing their first single “Glassy Eyes” in June this year, I meant it. The newly released single proves that my first impression was right.

“West Points Up” is about the polarity of feelings. Being overly excited one second and deeply bored the next. Exactly knowing the way, then being completely lost all of a sudden. I fell in love with the almost careless vocals in this song; the cold intonation amazes me. Combined with the ambient guitar, “West Points Up” lures your mind into the misty spaces of uncertainty.

Mob War directed the accompanying music video themselves. A boy driving a car on a lonely road, the light switching from dawn into the night. Another guy running after the car, with a paper bag on his head. Suddenly, he is in front of the car. As the perspective keeps switching, you feel chased, almost tracked down. “Everything has a shadow that talks” is the repeating line going with this vibe. Anxiety keeps building up throughout the video. The band says:

“We have made a video that reflects the overall confusion that exists in all of us, at least in us in the band. Sometimes one can feel like in a state of frustration and in the next second it can change and be quite the opposite. When we were scheduled to make the movie all of our contacts pulled back at the last minute, so we made it all by ourselves. Filming over the course of a few days and editing as well. As the video may prove that we have no experience in film making, we think that we ended up with something pretty cool.”

The trio also have a little fun fact about the filming process: “The road we filmed the shots in was overpopulated with mosquitos. It was almost apocalyptic with the giant black cloud of insects. If we held the car doors open for too long, the car would be swarmed with the blood-sucking beasts.”

The song ends with an unsettling repeating riff, resembling the sound a broken record when the needle gets stuck. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mob War band know what they are doing. 

Watch the music video to “West Points Up” on Vimeo or YouTube.


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