We are happy to premiere a beautiful music video to “WAKE” by Biljana Heights.

You might be familiar with Biljana Heights if you follow the Danish series “The Rain” on Netflix. Her hypnotising prelude single “WAKE” was featured there. The atmospheric and dreamy track is accompanied by a gripping music video. Both the music and the images, even though short, leave a mark and make you want to re-visit them over and over again. They are an opening act to the four upcoming singles by Biljana Heights and they make us hungry for more.

“Growing up with a Croatian mother in Copenhagen meant spending every Sunday in the local Church. The time I spent there could easily have been very boring but it actually activated my imagination and I think for me making music kind of reminds me of that, it’s like entering a holy realm,” says Biljana about the inspiration behind the video.

The video starts with a woman going into a church. Inside, she experiences flashbacks from her childhood, and we follow the events from her past in a few dreamy, melancholic scenes. This story is a mix of fiction and Biljana’s own memories, with the video being shot in her own childhood church in Copenhagen. The short video creates an atmosphere of mystery, as well as joy. The stunning vocals and music reminds of a church choir, which is very fitting to the video scenery.

“We tried to encapsulate the dreamlike feeling from the music in the video and to make the present and the past fluid. It was important for us to have the video be very simple but cinematic in its visual style, so we decided to use some old anamorphic lenses to try to capture the cinematic elements of the music,” explains the video director Kasper Gaardsøe.

Even though the overall vibe of the video isn’t particularly sad, whenever I watch it, I wonder why the woman in the church wears black. I hope to find out more in the four upcoming singles by Biljana Heights. For now, I enjoy getting into the dreamy world created in “WAKE” video.

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