Catastrophic political decisions, natural disasters, living in a pandemic… Need I say more? Still, hope and bravery seem to dominate Danish music these days, despite a year full of bad news. Chin up and let me introduce you to some bluesrock and optimistic alternative pop.

These days I listen to…

Kindsight – Terminal Daze

Nina, Søren, Anders, and Johannes aka Kindsight make the entrance with their single “Terminal Daze”. According to the band, two of them recruited drummer Johannes to “drag him out of an unsettling obsession with jazz music”. Bass player Anders was chosen “only because of his looks and his ability to fit into small bags.” “Terminal Daze” feels like a carefree summer day, and Nina’s soprano vocals hit you like sun rays blinking through the branches of trees.

Kindsight on “Terminal Daze”: “After countless attempts at keeping Kindsight’s somewhat rowdy rhythm section quiet in the verses and complementary to the singing, Nina Hyldgaard allowed in her own words, one “sausage of a song”, and Terminal Daze came to be. As unrelenting as a big train – steady as it goes.”

While I Wonder – Sad Songs Are For Fools

Up next is a song so ultimately warm and motivating, it feels like a hug from your best friend. “Sad Songs Are For Fools” by While I Wonder throws an impish smirk at your moody self from yesterday. Instead, it makes you state “I’m in a good mood” with a big, fat smile on your face. While I Wonder, a band of seven, created a beautiful alternative pop ballad, including bright, melodious piano parts. Their album “Finding Ourselves” is coming on 20 November, and I look forward to more simplistic, yet heartfelt music by this big group of friends. 

Kip Macklejar – The Coal Miner’s Daughter

With Kip Macklejar we now jump into straight up blues rock. Inspired by Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, his latest single “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” walks in bravely with a killer riff. Kip’s voice has this unapologetic vibe that feels like entering a crowded hard rock bar in slow motion with all eyes on you. The chorus seems to play with heavy influences of Beck’s “Loser”, but hey, why not remember the good old days of rock? Kip Macklejar started releasing music in 2019, and I’m excited to learn what he has in store for the future.

Josa Barck – TwentyTwenty(1)

Josa Barck gives us what we probably all need in times of multiple crises. “TwentyTwenty (1)” is a song with a refreshing happy-go-lucky attitude, with hope for a good future and an essential trust in the process until then. Sound-wise, hints of The Beatles are combined with ’80s synth-pop. “Time works for you!” Josa sings, reassuring that this too shall pass. 

Twentytwenty(1) is a track that describes the immediate challenges of today’s crazy world, but also assures us that everything will be alright,” Josa Barck explains.


It is fair to say we all need a little optimism right now. Bark’s full-length album is coming in spring 2021. Hope dies last!

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