Good because Danish was very happy to present Line Bøgh’s tour around Germany and Denmark this spring. Hearing her new songs and enjoying the new visual art concept that she was doing together with an artist Christian Gundtoft made this tour a very special one. After having heard and seen a lot of what happens on stage, we were also curious to get some insights on Line’s tour habits and learn more about everything that happens behind the scenes. Therefore, Line told us about her on-tour-routines and showed us the things that always go on tour with her – check them out!


My Shoes: “I always pack very light when we go on tour, and normally I only pack one pair of shoes. A while ago I managed to find the perfect pair of tour-shoes: warm enough for winter and not too hot for summer, a small heel that makes you look a little taller, but you can still wear them all day, and they are slim enough to hit the small buttons on the pedal board.”


My voice pedal: 
“It is a very personal piece of gear, cause I keep a lot of pre-recorded homemade stuff on it. Once it died on me just a week before a tour, and I only had just enough time to buy a new one and build it up all over again. That was scary!”



Old-timey crime novels: 
“It is a very good way to relax on tour. The more English and old-fashioned they are, the better. My favourite crime-writer is, of course, Agatha Christie, but Jane Austin’s books have kind of the same effect on me (even though the crime is missing there).”



Vegan Spread: 
“Christian (the other half of my live-act) is vegan, and we never go anywhere without a vegan spread. Very easy to bring with you on the road and luckily they come in many flavours, so you can live on it easily for ten days before you get sick of it.”



My “avoid-getting-sick-from-air-conditioning-kit”: 
“I always get sick from air-conditioning, and since touring can also involve train rides and flights, I always bring this kit which is a face mask, a moisturizing nose spray and a hand sanitizer.”




And, all of you, who live in the north of Germany are still lucky enough to see Line on stage soon. Check out her amazing voice and cool stage performance:

08.06.2018 – Berlin (DE): Mastul (+ visuals) – event on Facebook
09.06.2018 – Hamburg (DE): Komm Du (+ visuals) – event on Facebook
10.06.2018 – Bielefeld (DE): Noch jemand Wein (+ visuals) – event on Facebook


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