LINEBUG – White nights

Just recently we published a post about mental health in the music industry as it is an incredibly important topic in a business, where it is all about the humans behind it. But not only we are thinking a lot about it. Also, Linebug, the Danish artist duo of Line Bøgh and Christian Gundtoft,  is dealing with this topic in their new song “White Nights”.

Isolation, loneliness and intense moments of despair are just a few of the sensations that you go through when you are in the grips of a tough depression.  With their 3rd single, Linebug is looking closely at these feelings and what these mean for the ones experiencing them.

“I’ve had several friends that have gone through long periods of isolation and depression. What matters most to me is to tell a story that feels authentic to those who have had to go through such an ordeal”, says Christian Gundtoft and we can’t stress more how important it is to speak up and give these emotions the room to live and to be visible.

With their natural sensitivity, we couldn’t imagine anyone better than Linebug to pick this important topic up and transfer it onto a relatable story. Combining their distinct audiovisual universe with the airy voice of Line makes “White Nights” a song that touches the difficulty of the topic with the care and love that it needs and deserves. The soft vocals combined with the matching visuals touch you at the human spot of the topic. Listening to “White Nights” you will reflect about emotions, about how they can make you feel – overall about what it means to be human.

The single is accompanied by an impressive video, made out of 2.200 hand-drawn frames. It tells the story of a woman captured in darkness, longing for the light and the world outside her window. Desperate and lonely she tries to break her isolation, but when she finally dares to step out into the light, it’s not as easy as she had imagined.

Interested to see the new song and also the other audio-visual stories of Linebug live? Then don’t miss their next concerts in Germany and Denmark.

Tour Germany and Denmark 2020

06.02.2020 – Duisburg (DE): Lehmbruck Museum – Event on Facebook
07.02.2020 – Düsseldorf (DE): Wie Im Himmel – Event on Facebook
08.02.2020 – Köln (DE): Lichtung – Event on Facebook
09.02.2020 – Bruchweiler-Bärenbach (DE): Reinighof – Event on Facebook
11.02.2020 – Emden (DE): Einstein – Event on Facebook
12.02.2020 – Köln (DE): Weltempfänger Hostel – Event on Facebook
14.02.2020 – Dohna (DE): Kultur Café M
15.02.2020 – Zeitz (DE): Kunst und Kulturverein Wort und Klang – Event on Facebook
16.02.2020 – Pössneck (DE): Franzenhof – Event on Facebook
20.02.2020 – Fritzlar (DE): Café Hahn – Event on Facebook
21.02.2020 – Halle (DE): Kaffeeschuppen – Event on Facebook
22.02.2020 – Wuppertal (DE): Zweistein
23.02.2020 – Mechernich (DE): Castle Satzvey
24.02.2020 – Düsseldorf (DE): Mosaic
25.02.2020 – Duisburg (DE): Art House
26.02.2020 – Kleve (DE): Vlierhof
27.02.2020 – Kaiserslautern (DE): Web End
28.02.2020 – München (DE): Café Erika – Event on Facebook
29.02.2020 – Freiburg (DE): Kiss – Event on Facebook
28.05.2020 – Copenhagen (DK): Islands Brygge Kulturhus (GEYSER)