Good because Danish celebrates its 4th birthday today. This year we decided to take you on a little musical trip through the blog’s history and present you some songs that mark certain milestones in that history. So, we have chosen 4 songs, one for each year of Good because Danish’s existence. Why is it then still a post of our #HIGH5 series, if there’s one song missing? Read the whole text and find out!

Birthday #HIGH5 to all of you great readers of Good because Danish! :)

Turboweekend – Trouble Is
Summer 2010. A Polish rock radio station, which doesn’t even exist the way it did back then. A Reno Clio car, standing in the traffic in Poznań. “Trouble Is” coming up and charming this one girl, Arletta, driving that car. The song was then hunting her until the night of 23. February 2011, when she finally decided to do something about it. And she did. And she wrote the first post for the blog that is now known as an international blog about Danish music – Good because Danish. Thank you, Turboweekend, for a song that changed more than one life during the past 4 years!

When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever
In June 2011, Arletta started the English version of the blog, which is now the main one. The first post on the English Good because Danish was a translation of the Polish post about the one and only When Saints Go Machine. Since that moment, we were getting more and more international, focusing on spreading the word about Danish music in different countries of Europe and (since our writers come also from other parts of the planet) the whole world!

One day in November 2012, a mail came to Good because Danish from a German girl – Jasmin – recommending the music of Esben Svane for Arletta’s radioshow of the same name. A few exchanged mails later, she was asked if she wanted to join writing for the blog. And she did. By now the radioshow doesn’t exist anymore, Esben is making a different kind of music, but Jasmin stayed with Good because Danish. And she became the great co-editor of the blog and the motivator behind many of the new initiatives going on here.

The Attic Sleepers – Lines
On 3. March 2014, we published a small review of the concert, The Attic Sleepers, Mílford and Musik til mor gave some some days before. While The Attic Sleepers ended up becoming one of Denmark’s new musical hopes by now, the review ended up being the first post on the brand new website, with a brand new layout, brand new categories and a brand new view on what Good because Danish was going to become. This new chapter of GbD’s story is written right now and we hope you will keep on reading it during the upcoming years!

??? – ???
Good because Danish is not only about us, it is just as much – if not even more – about you, our readers and supporters from all over the world. So, today, on 23. February 2015, on the blog’s 4th birthday, we are asking YOU: what is your ultimative (Good because) Danish song? The song you connect with a beautiful story? The song that made you cry when you heard it live for the first time? The song you maybe discovered through our small blog and that you keep coming back to over and over again? Let us know – write a mail to win@goodbecausedanish.com, tell us your favourite Danish song and the story behind – and win a Good because Danish tote-bag full of Danish goodies! Find more details about the birthday contest HERE.

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