Win a GOOD BECAUSE DANISH tote-bag full of goodies! // Birthday contest


As you might have noticed on the blog already, we celebrate Good because Danish’s 4th birthday today. And there is no good birthday celebration without good (because Danish, of course!) presents. BUT! Good because Danish is not only about us, it is just as much – if not even more – about you, our readers and supporters from all over the world. So this time the “birthday baby” (a.k.a. us) is giving away the presents! :)

We have a very special Good because Danish tote-bag filled with great Danish goodies for you to win! You’re about to put your hands on: Alcoholic Faith Mission’s newest album, Get Your Gun’s amazing debut LP, a copy of Sleep Party People’s album signed by all members of the current live band …and much more!

All you have to do is: go to our special birthday #HIGH5 post and check out the 4 songs we included there. Your task is to tell us what song you would add as the 5th one: what is your ultimative (Good because) Danish song? The song you connect with a beautiful story? The song that made you cry when you heard it live for the first time? The song you maybe discovered through our small blog and that you keep coming back to over and over again?

Send a mail with the subject “GbD birthday contest” to and tell us your favourite, most special Danish song with an explanation why that particular one is so close to your heart. Don’t forget to also include your address into the mail! The deadline of our birthday contest is Saturday, 28. February 2015.

The winner will be announced on Sunday, 1. March. Good luck! :)