When Saints Go Machine
(translation by Ania Kitowska and Arletta Przynoga)

Four gentleman – Silas Moldenhawer, Jonas Kenton, Simon Muschinsky and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild. They live in Copenhagen. So far, they’ve recorder two LP’s. The second one – “Konkylie” is due to may 21st , 2011. The music itself is amazing! If you’re into electronic sounds and you’re open minded when it comes to new musical experience – you’re about to fall in love with When Saints Go Machine.

There’s not much info about the group (I’m not sure is it because I wasn’t looking too good or… there’s nothing more to find?). So in this case I set up that music is not a history lesson and it’s not about deatailed biographies. It is about sounds. And those included on the first album “This Makes A Face” are overwhelming.

When Saints Go Music Machine’s music is sneaking out schames. The mixture of melancholy, dance rhythms and .. psychodelia (?) plus the great arrangements and a very interesting voice of lead singer Nikolai Vonsild’a Manuel. Beautiful.On one hand, artists partake us with lightly somnambulic, a bit down-tempo compositions like “Greys and Blues” or “Pinned. On the other they know how to speed up and show the “claw”, as in “Spitting Images” or “New Elvis”.Each song contains a unique element, compelling, but not annoying. Something that is memorable. After hearing the album first I felt as if each composition was of a different tale. But taken together – they made ​​up the interesting (and logical) integrity. 

Changes in rhythm, pace, intriguing atmosphere and style do not interfere with reception and even encouraged to hear what comes next.

The undoubted gem from the album “This Makes A Face” is a song promoting the latest EP of When Saints Go Machine – “Fail Forever” Song can be legally downloaded for free from ere. EP is available for purchase on iTunes.WSGM’s vocalist Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild describes “Fail Forever” like this: “Fail Forever is about how people never say what they think. When you meet someone and they say, ‘how are you doing?’ You always say, ‘I’m fine.’ It’s never OK to say, I’m depressed. But the most human thing is failure. Everyone pretends to be superhuman, but they’re not.”

This year guys from When Saints Go Machine released their new album “Konkylie”. It’s pure perfection and beauty (here you can read a review in Polish). Besides that you can download for free their cover of Kariya’s „Let Me Love You For Tonight”. It’s brilliant, no words needed, just listen to it.

When Saints Go Machine – Let Me Love You Tonight (Kariya’s cover) – Finally the song which well-mixed could be a dancefloor hit (this beat, this voice, this hypnotic sound – just must dance to it!)

When Saints Go Machine – Curse Me Out – A little bit of chaos in this post. It’s a bit like in the music of When Saints Go Machine. But this is probably the greatest charm of their work. Nothing fits together, yet the effect is convincing. Very convincing.

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