When Saints Go Machine are back and a new material sounds more than promising!

After a trip to the noman’s land of music with their previous releases, the dynamic trio mixed old and new and came up with a single which will make you hungry for more.

“Reflection of You(Bloodshot)” has the vibe familiar from one of When Saints Go Machine‘s biggest and best songs (in my humble opinion) – “Fail Forever”. But there is also a hint of freshness in it. They managed to mix new influences and bold arrangements with a melody which has the When Saints Go Machine trademark written all over.

The new song has the fragileness and wildness coming out from the extraordinary combination of the beat and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild‘s vocals. The artist’s voice is still one of the most remarkable on the Danish music scene and his unique sensitivity can be heard strongly in “Reflection of You (Bloodshot)”. The new addition is a clever combination of more hip-hop rooted beats and pieces, as well as quite organic electronic sounds. When Saints Go Machine’s music has always been very eclectic and tough to put in a box, but with the new song they made it impossible, which is a great thing.

The Copenhagen-based trio made us wait a long time for a new album but seems like it was worth the wait. “Reflection of You (Bloodshot)” is – in my opinion – a great statement of how the band took a trip to find a new sound, but also rediscovered their roots and combined the new and old elements with grace and style. The new single sounds to me a bit like a start of fa flirt – the band teases the listener and I am more than curious to see how it will go further.

I hope there will be more songs like “Reflection of You (Bloodshot)” on the upcoming new album “SO DEEP” which will be out on the 8. November 2019.


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