Hopefully, you all had a very nice Christmas! We are now – again – about to enter another New Year. Another ready-to-be-filled chapter of our lives will shape our personality, change the colour of feelings, rearrange our living-space. All these memories can be marked by music.

Thus, we have prepared a special music playlist, full of great Danish songs which were catching listeners’ attention a few years ago. BACK TO THE FUTURE with GbD contains 12 songs with a 46 minutes long way that makes you feel fanciful about the future.

On our playlist you can find songs released within last 12 years, by such grand names as When Saints Go Machine, The Raveonettes, Reptile Youth, Blue Foundation or Trentemøller. You can also listen to some true gems made by less famous, yet as talented Danish artists.

Let’s start to travel deep into the memories. And deep into times when things were different and when we didn’t know how certain songs will associate with certain events, feelings or people from our lives. Time when we listened to them just because they were awesome (and still are!).

With that in mind, listen to them all again with an open heart and don’t let your memories limit what you are listening to. Try to (dis)connect music and memories and see what it will bring!

Finally, while going back into GbD music archives, don’t forget to stay with us through 2017 also! A lot more Danish music is ready to be published in the New Year and we can’t wait to share it with you!

1. When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever (2011)
2. Indians – Magic Kids (2013)
3. My Name Is Legion – Team of Fearless Men (2010)
4. The Raveonettes – Forget That You’re Young (2011)
5. Reptile Youth – Speeddance – Original Mix (2012)
6. Blue Foundation – Bonfires (2004)
7. Fitness Figures – Dream Killer (2014)
8. Our Broken Garden – Garden Grow (2010)
9. VINTERTUR – Needs (feat. Johanne) (2013)
10. White Pony – Down At Jimmies (feat. Freja Loeb) (2010)
11. The Kissaway Trail – Philadelphia (2010)
12. Trentemøller – Miss You – Original Mix (2006)

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