Reeperbahn - OTR with SEKUOIA 9

Reeperbahn Festival 2014 is getting closer! One of the most prestigious and influential showcase festivals in Europe starts this week, on the 17. September in Hamburg and Good because Danish will have somebody very special covering the event this year: our eyes and ears on Reeperbahn Festival will be the great electronic act SEKUOIA!

The mastermind of the project – Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen – will be taking over our Instagram account @goodbecausedanish on Saturday, 20. September, reporting straight from Hamburg and showing us the festival seen through his own eyes.

Before that we had a little chat with Sekuoia and asked about life on the road and how it is to be an artist preparing to play a show. Read the interview below – and if you’re going to Reeperbahn Festival 2014, don’t forget to catch Sekuoia’s show: Saturday, 20. September, 00:40 at Prinzenbar.

Good because Danish: Do you have a specific album or a song that you always listen to on the road to a show? What is it?

Sekuoia: Lone – “Airglow Fires” has been our cruising track.

What is the best and the worst thing about rehearsals before playing an important gig?

I guess the good thing is you feel secure about the set, and errors which might have occurred at the show, are eliminated. The worst thing is probably just packing the gear down, that’s always the boring part.

Playing on a showcase festival, like Reeperbahn Festival, means (among other things) showing yourself to all the important people from the music industry. Does it make the show more stressful? Do you prepare something special for such shows?

I try not too think much about it. If I do, it will definitely become very stressful, and not work to the benefit of the concert. On the other hand, it is also important not to be nonchalant about the show, and try to make it very special.

Is there any kind of a mascot or a talisman you have with you on stage? Or perhaps any kind of a band’s “ritual” before the show?

No mascot yet, but we have a band ritual before going on stage: we always take 10 pushups each, just to get our pulse up, and get psyched for the set.

First thing to check when you come to a venue you’re going to play at is…?

The stage. It’s always nice knowing how much space we have :)

Have you ever been to Reeperbahn Festival before? What’s your impression of the event? What are you the most excited of about playing there?

I’ve never been, but I’ve heard very positive about the festiwal, and I know some Danish bands which have taken a great step in the right direction after playing there.

This year’s Reeperbahn Festival has an amazing line-up. What makes Sekuoia worth seeing?

It’s worth seeing if you like seeing electronic music performed in a band-like constellation. The concerts are very dreamy, so they are especially worth checking out if you’re into atmospheric concerts.

Can you recommend any other Danish band playing this year’s Reeperbahn Festival?

Blaue Blume. They are amazing on each of their instruments, and they have a very delicate and unique sound.

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