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Summer is over, folks! So are the summer music festivals… We can either look back with melancholia and get depressed about it – OR look forward to all the amazing events coming up this Autumn. Good because Danish chose the second alternative and starts preparing to go on the road and visit (in person or in spirit) some of the Autumn festivals in Europe.

We start our tour in Germany. After the opening of the season – in form of Berlin Music Week and Berlin Festival (with Our/Berlin Music Week presenting the Scandinavian music) – it’s time to go to the beautiful city of Hamburg and experience one of the biggest and most prestigious European showcase festivals: Reeperbahn Festival!

Reeperbahn Festival 2014 will happen between 17. and 20. September in Hamburg. It will present over 400 concerts, welcome more than 3,000 media representatives and professionals from 35 countries and offer more than 70 music-related events in the fields of digital arts, fine arts and urban arts in a variety of unique locations. What’s most important: the festival is a true celebration of upcoming music! Every music lover should be able to visit it one day!

The Reeperbahn organizers didn’t forget about picking Scandinavian (and Danish) music to bring to the people this year. Included in the line-up are (Good because) Danish acts like: Alcoholic Faith Mission, NovemberDecember, Tina Dico and Sekuoia.

Additionally, on the last day of the festival – Saturday 20. September – four acts will play at a very special event, called “The Danish Night at Reeperbahn Festival”. You will be able to see The White Album, Blaue Blume, Mont Oliver and Mads Langer there.

Good because Danish will have its very special eyes and ears at Reeperbahn Festival this year. Check out the blog for some really cool news coming soon and don’t miss the great celebration of music in Hamburg! To set yourself in the right mood, listen to the special Reeperbahn Festival 2014 Spotify playlist below:

17-20.09.2014 – Hamburg: Reeperbahn and St. Pauli – Event on Facebook

The Danish Night at Reeperbahn Festival
20.09.2014 – Hamburg: INDRA

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