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No Good because Danish without ARLETTA – no Arletta without Good because Danish. It is as simple as that, and yet, not simple at all.

One summer day, this lovely, petite girl from Poland discovered a passion lurking deep inside herself, turning not only her own life around, but also affecting the lives of so many others. It is solely for her, that I am writing on here and that you are reading this. That there’s this tiny, crazy, yet superb platform about a shared interest and love for Danish music. That we all are coming together, from all over the world, connected through music and a hint of common geekiness. That we experience an uncountable number of great moments and create an as uncountable number of wonderful memories.

One of those wonderful memories – one of my personal favorite ones that I share with Arletta – is from a day I spent at hers in Poland together with a friend. The three of us sat down, with some drinks (pretty sure this infamous Polish Vodka was one of them), talking about everything and nothing. The day turned into night and there was a moment, when our talk naturally turned towards all this awesome Danish music. After a little while, I just leant back and listened to the two others, sharing their experiences. There was something in the way Arletta spoke about Danish music that simply and deeply fascinated and mesmerized me. Never, up until this day, and never since, have I witnessed someone being so passionate about something. It left me speechless and in deep awe.

In the name of all us authors and all the people following along, all the bands and musicians you keep on supporting, everybody involved in Good because Danish: Thank you, tak and dziękuję bardzo, dearest Arletta! Thank you for your thrilling passion and for your endless creativity, for all your amazing ideas and your strong patience. Thank you for being you and for being such an awesome friend. And last but not least, thank you for this blog, your baby, and thank you for letting us all be a part of it.

What better way to wrap up our GbD Author takeover series than with the one and only Arletta – the reason, why this all exists, the “mama” of this all. And with her playlist. Her wonderful, wonderful playlist, full of devotion, honesty and passion. Take some time and let yourself take onto a journey through the heart and soul of Good because Danish!

GbD author takeover: ARLETTA by Good Because Danish on Mixcloud

Soon it will be 4 years of my journey with Good because Danish. There are songs that were accompanying me from the very beginning of this ride and will probably never leave my side. The 7 of them are presented in this mixtape. The 7 of many more DK songs that make me follow the passion that came by surprise, one summer day of 2010, when I heard this amazing vocalist screaming “oh me, oh my, I’m such a nice guy, don’t you remember me now?!” – I will never forget it, as I will never forget many great moments and great DK songs that came later.

Turboweekend – Trouble Is
Have you ever had a song that really, REALLY changed your life? I have one. It’s “Trouble Is” by the lovely Turboweekend. I first heard it in 2010 and fell in love with it. The first post ever on Good because Danish (on the PL “mother website”) contained a link to this song. The first DK band ever I fell for, was this one. I always say that the guys of Turboweekend are the Godfathers of Good because Danish and there’s something to it. After 4 years of coming back to “Trouble Is” I can still sing along “Oh me, oh my, I’m high as a kite, I don’t ever wanna come back down”. And I don’t. I’m constantly in the DK music heaven. And I will never find the words to really express how much I owe you, Turboweekend guys! One song can really change a life.

When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever
Have you ever had a song that gave you shivers no matter how many times you’ve heard it? I have one. “Fail Forever”. The vocals, this addicting kind of mystery, the disturbing emotions… Shivers. Every single time. I will never forget the moment I first heard it in my own city, played in a well-known venue, with people from the audience singing along. That’s beauty! And additional shivers created by seeing how the great Danish music is spreading around!

Bottled In England -Believe the Hype
Have you ever had a band that you fell in love with in less than a second? I have one. These guys. If the Turboweekend guys are the Godfathers of GbD, Bottled In England are the Godsons ;) Or any other part of the family. I cheer for them in a way, as if they were family. Whenever I feel frustrated, I have doubts, I think “f**k this blog” (and there are moments like these, believe me!), this song – “Believe The Hype” – reminds me, that “we’ll make it grand together”.

Trentemøller – Miss You
Have you ever had that moment during a concert when your heart skipped a beat during a song? I had it. This year – 2014 – at Roskilde Festival, when the one and only Trentemøller played this song – “Miss You”. God… I’ve never seen Trente live before that, who knows if I will ever see him again, but this moment of hearing THIS song, the most sad and beautiful composition of all times, will stay with me forever. “Miss You” simply takes your breath away and brings tears to your eyes. There is truly a bit of magic locked in this song.

Lulu Rouge – Bless You
Have you ever had a music guru who you admired since always? I have one in the field of electronic music. It’s the DJ duo Lulu Rouge. The almighty Lulu Rouge. I can’t find words to express my admiration whenever I hear their music. Add Mikael Simpson on vocals in “Bless You” and you have like a holy trinity for your ears…

Southern Gothic Tales – Fuck Me Up With Words and Wine
Have you ever had a friend who was your music Master and you were his Padawan? I have one. His name is Christoph and he was the one who showed me the crazy, wild, huge DK underground music scene. When I came to Copenhagen for the very first time in 2011, Christoph sat down in his room with me and played vinyls for 2 hours, going from A to Z of the Danish music he found worth listening to. We got to “S” and Southern Gothic Tales. And the most honest song I’ve ever heard. It stayed with me until now. Danke, tak Christoph!

Rangleklods – Enklave
Have you ever had a song that was your painkiller? I have one. “Enklave” is my musical enclave. This addictive beat, these lyrics, THESE LYRICS. How come you were able to combine such thoughtful lyrics with electronic music that is so danceable? I adore you for that, dear Rangleklods! As I adore the Danish artists who mastered the art of mixing melancholy with uplifting music.


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