MO-Roskilde2014Good because Danish went to Roskilde Festival this year and it will be an experience we will never forget. A week filled with great music, great people, great parties and great vibes.

After the warm up days, it was time for the “actual” part of the festival to start. From Thursday, 3. July, to Sunday, 6. July, we were able to experience some really amazing shows of both international and Danish artists. The Orange Stage’s opening act Outkast slowly put us into the festival mood. Then – not Danish either, but still super awesome – THE ROLLING STONES made the very first night of Good because Danish’s very first Roskilde Festival unforgettable.

During the following four days we saw a lot of Danish shows – among others: Cancer, Slowolf with guests, an amazing Trentemøller, Hymns From Nineveh, Nikolaj Nørdlund, Bottled In Englands massive show, Psyched Up Janis, Chorus Grant, Klumben & Raske Penge and .

The Danish side of Roskilde Festival turned out to be a very bright side of it. The bands managed to keep up and play equally good, if not better than the international acts. The – mainly Danish – festival visitors really seemed to enjoy seeing “their own” artists rockin’ the stages.

The first Danish band from the main part of the line-up that we saw was Cancer. The duo performed with 2 more musicians and won the hearts of the audience of Pavillion stage. Their music is hard to describe – a combination of accoustic sounds with some cosmic vibe. Cancer managed to turn the Pavillion tent into a bubble, freely travelling in the space of their sounds.

SLOWOLF feat. guests
Slowolf’s show was something completely different. Bouncy, heavy, cricked beats, the guest rappers Benny Banks, Dream McLean & Wil Cousin and a lot of energy made people go wild. The central character on stage was Slowolf himself – but we gotta admit, that without his guests the show would have probably been boring.

TRENTEMØLLER + live band
The main Danish music experience of Roskilde Festival 2014 was definitely Trentemøller’s concert at the Orange Stage. Seeing him playing THE Orange Stage, seeing him playing live with the band – that was THE dream which finally came true. After 5 years  Trentemøller was back to play the festival and he got a royal welcome. Trentemøller played with his live band, in which vocals were taken over by the stunning Marie Fisker. Hearing “Miss You”, “Moan”, “Vamp” or “Even Tho You’re With Another Girl” live was an unbelievable experience. The massive sound, the perfect show with dancers, big balloons that flew into the audience and the awesome set up of lighting, gave us chills. It was a pure pleasure and true electronic heaven on Earth.

Saturday started with Hymns From Nineveh’s lovely concert at Avalon stage. With the folk vibes, the sun and the wind outside the stage tent and the slightly tired, but happy people around – it was a perfect combination. The sweet music fit the daytime hour of their show perfectly, too.

There was nothing calm in Bottled In England’s performance at Apollo stage – it was pure awesomeness and madness! The duo brought a lot of guests with them to play the Roskilde Festival: singers Lucy Love, Lydmor and Troels Abrahamsen, MC Manky, violinist Tobias Kvaede and the trumpet/saxophone group Dødens Trompeter. Quite a bunch of people who were combining their forces with Daniel Vognstrup and August Dyrborg! The mix of their unique power and the crazy beats made the audience go totally insane, which was… well, AWESOME!

Sunday’s Danish highlight for us was definitely the brilliant performance of MØ. If you have been following her career from the first big single “Pilgrim” and then saw her playing Arena stage – your heart should melt. MØ is a great example of an artist that bloomed with time and became an excellent performer. She was full of energy and passion in everything she did on stage. Including the crowd surfing and the few walks around the actual crowd. Apart from the two brief moments of technical problems, her show with the live band was one of the best concerts that we have seen at Roskilde Festival 2014.

It’s hard to sum up a week of musical (and other) experiences. Roskilde Festival is definitely something that every music fan should experience if they have a chance. It was extreme, it was intense, it was insane and heavy sometimes – but it had its own kind of magic. While we were writing these words, Stevie Wonder was singing “I just called to say I love you” on the Orange Stage. And we got to admit – we loved Roskilde Festival 2014, with everything that it was.

Photos by Nick McKinlay (13) and Arletta Przynoga (9)

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