Good because Danish is at Roskilde Festival this year – and we like it a lot! If you follow our Instagram @goodbecausedanish you can even find some live updates straight from the festival grounds!

Today the “actual” festival will start and The Rolling Stones will play the Orange Stage. But before that we were able to enjoy 3 days of warm up concerts going on around the camping area, on the Rising Stage (Roskilde Rising) and the Apollo Stage (Apollo Countdown). The first 3 days were crazy and nice. We’ve been in the chaotic festival mood, ended up watching bands we didn’t plan to see and found out about some great, new music. However, we also managed to catch most of the shows that we actually planned on seeing.

The Nordic bands which played during the warm up days presented some really good tunes, everybody could find something for themselves – from metal and rock over pop and electronic acts playing at the orange “pumpkin” stage Apollo, to folk and hip-hop.

We started our Roskilde Festival experience with Roskilde Rising concerts. First we came to see an energetic and joyful show of Heimatt. Then Get Your Gun made the shiny day a little bit darker with their heavy, gloomy rock sounds. The men choir they had on stage during a few songs gave a new touch to their music. Then the Swedes from Iberia were bouncing on Apollo. Blaue Blume, one of our new favorite bands played a delightful show, bringing heaven a bit closer to the ground with their compositions.

Apollo stage welcomed us with the massive concert of We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself (Spleen United, you’ve got a competition here!) and day 1 ended up with a crazy performance of Reptile Youth who played at the skate park based in the camping area.

During day 2 we mixed garage rock with electronic, first seeing Communions playing the Rising Stage and then going to the insanely good Unkwon show at Apollo. But our hearts were sold to the one and only My Heart The Brave, who played his summer tunes while sending heart-shaped balloons into the blue sky. After that, Förtress rocked the stage and made everybody go wild. It was sad to miss the Mont Oliver show, but Hexis were just going crazy at one of the concerts in the so-called Dome placed in the camping area.

Wednesday, day 3, welcomed us with sun and wind. We caught the Karl William show, enjoying hip hop tunes along with all the young people who created a quite huge crowd. Narcosatanicos afterwards surprised us with their metal music combined with saxophone sounds. The highlight of this day was definitely Kill J: the duo made the audience dance and have the best time – it was all that what music should be about. In the meantime, the Apollo Countdown DJ Faustix did a great job with creating a party. The Rising Stage’s last show – The Awesome Welles gave us chills with their music, sounding like a mix of Interpol, Placebo and Joy Division.

Then the night went on and we moved from the concerts to other festival activities… ;)

Roskilde warm up – we survived. Mission accomplished, now bring on the big things!

Our awesome photographer – Nick – got some cool shoots from the concerts for you, check them out and get some of the “orange feeling” :)

Photos by Nick McKinlay

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