Bottled In England – “Change” and “What this is”

Yesterday the Polish version of this blog celebrated 1 year of activity. Yesterday was also the day of the new release from BOTTLED IN ENGLAND. The live drum’n’bass duo gave away two new songs and show their first video clip to “Change”.

You can download both songs for free from

I was very curious what BOTTLED IN ENGLAND will do this time. They released a nice (although the word “nice” might not be suitable for the music BIE presents) EP “Believe the hype!”. Than what? …Than two great track came out!

The tittle of one of them – “Change” is a great way to show that… well, something’s changed in Bottled In England‘s music.

There’s still some crazy, vivid, wild drum’n’bss/dubstep massive sounds. But now there’s also… something more. Some kind of maturity. And there’s style. The characteristic line which the duo built. They know exactly what they want and they record music in the way they want it to sound like. They have the plan. That’s how it sounds to me.

“Change” is heavy. It’s bursting with tension and there’s this weird feeling of hidden anger in it. You can almost hear the rave under the clean vocal.

“If this isn’t love than I don’t know what love is. If this isn’t love than I don’t know what the f**k this is” – sings Daniel in “What this is”. If two new tracks from BOTTLED IN ENGLAND aren’t a great piece of electronic music than I don’t know what the f**k this is!

A plus for a very nice vocals by Daniel. A huge plus for brilliant (as always) drumms by August.

Check out the video to “Change” and download both track for free from

Can’t wait to hear “Change” and “What this is” live!

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