(translation by Ania Kitowska and Arletta Przynoga) 

Turboweekend 1 press pic

I think it’s high time to write something about the musicians of… Turboweekend!  Here comes the problem. I fell in love with this band at first sight/sound ;) And it’s really difficult for me to wrote something short and informative. But I’ll do my best so that this would not be a neverending post.

It is not, however, the last information about Turboweekend at this site (you should feel warned!).

The trio consists of Silas Bjerregaard, Morten Køie and Martin Øhlers Petersen, they’ve worked  together for 14, wait, 15 years. However, their career started to thrive in 2006, when they started Turboweekend.

The band has recorded two Lp’s so far (I’ll write more on them soon) and one EP “Bound”, which was released November 10th 2010.





“Bound” can be legally downloaded for free from Turboweekend’s official webside: www.turboweekend.com

Today, we’ll look closely at this EP.

There are five tracks  (and also the bonus track “Heaven”, available only for those who purchased the vinyl edition) is a kind of pre-taste to the next Lp of those guys. The accents of this EP are put interestingly. The more serious tracks are mixed with those more light, with the more positive message.

The tracks just like the one, which is promoting the album  “Into The Pavement”, featuring Casper Clausen, the vocalist of Efterklang (Yeah, I will mention those guys also here), or very energetic “Now” (vocal – Ty Bulmer of New Young Pony Club) make the listeners smile. The song “Drums In The Dark”,  is vocally featured by Coco Malaika, she is a vocalist for Danish soul band Quadron. It is a great song for the beginning as it is intruiging and involving – there is no other way but getting involved.The song which hit me the most is  “Lost and Found”. The text built on the opposition is beautiful. Sounds doesn’t hurry anywhere, musicians gave them time to slowly release the beauty. There’re interesting stops which build tension … It’s a song you probably just plunge and either get caught or… for me there is no other option.

Here you can read about Brandon Bogajewicz and his way of gettimg IN – He described the “Bound” EP at his blog The Burning Ear.

Oh well, the post was supposed to be short, I guess I couldn’t make it. Last but not least: the video to “Into The Pavement”. Enjoy and let Turboweekend’s music speak to you!

To be continued…

Official webside – where you can download the “Bound” EP for free

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