Bodebrixen released their album “Out Of Options” in 2012, but somehow it reached our ears just now, in spring of 2014. Even though it’s 2 years after the release, the record still fits the time perfectly.

Bodebrixen are Aske Bode and Andreas Brixen. These two Danes are very busy and productive people! They work with Bodebrixen, but also recently focused on a new project – the record label Antiphonics, which wants to promote the quirky, alternative, new pop from Denmark. The very first success is the debut album by Quick Quick Obey. Along with running the record label, Aske and Andreas started a new band – Waitress – with the third member – John de Lira, known from Lars & The Hands of Light and Kala-OK. You could already read about Waitress’ first single “Young In Mind” on Good because Danish. If you speak Danish, you can find out more about the current state of the Bodebrixen guys on GAFFA.

As you can see, these two guys are pretty busy people. But let’s get back in time for a moment and focus on their previous achievement – Bodebrixen’s “Out Of Options” album. The shiny, joyful indie-pop gathered on this record fits the spring time perfectly. If you like The Whitest Boy Alive, Bastille or Peter Bjorn and John, you will find “Out Of Options” very catchy and lovely to listen to while running or cycling.

I am a fan of albums which make me want to get up in the mornings (and it’s not an easy thing to do, because I am NOT a morning person). Now “Out Of Options” is no. 1 on my morning playlist and life became a bit easier to handle when the alarm clock is ringing at 6:00 am. Try it out and you’ll always get up with a smile on your face!

You can stream “Out Of Options” on Spotify or you can listen to and buy the record on Bodebrixen’s BandCamp page.

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