Quick Quick Obey - Bulb Days

“Bulb Days” is the debut album of psychedelic pop band Quick Quick Obey. It has been released on 7. April 2014 on Denmark’s newest record label called Antiphonics.

The boys in their early twenties were recording the album for over 4 months in a house in the Danish countryside. “Bulb Days” was produced by the band and the mix was done by Caspar Hesselager who previously has been working with Hymns from Nineveh or My Heart The Brave.

If you like Tame Impala and are a fan of psychedelic indie stuff you should definitely check out “Bulb Days”! It is one of those albums that you should listen through from the beginning to the end without interruption, because this is how it works the best.

The album is very well-structured (I loved the intro and exit part) and some songs have a touch of the 80’s in them, which is very popular these days. There are no real surprises when you listen to the songs, the guys deliver a solid performance through the whole album, which makes it a good debut.

Next to the already released tracks like “Figures” and “Sunn” you have other outstanding songs like the lead single “Hold Your Breath”. A song which suddenly gets under your skin with its catchy tunes.

If you want to hear how the album sounds live catch Quick Quick Obey on SPOT Festival in Aarhus in early May.

You can listen to “Bulb Days” on Spotify, stream it on nothingbuthopeandpassion website or buy it on iTunes.

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