GbD author takeover: ANIA

GbD Authors Take-Over - ANIA BLOG

ANIA joined our little GbD-group with joy, energy and tons of positive vibes! She got introduced to Danish music by Efterklang. The enthusiasm that she spreads around when she finds out about a new Danish gem makes us wanting to write more and more as well.

Ania always manages to find something extraordinary to write about: Jazz tunes or an African artist with Danish roots – her choices can be really surprising and exciting to get to know. She’s like a little bee and we are happy to have her on board!

Her playlist is as various and energetic as she herself is!

GbD author takeover: ANIA by Good Because Danish on Mixcloud

Broken Twin – Glimpse of a Time
It is such a beautiful song and I have listened to it during some „deep thinking” of how we are in each other lives for a glimpse of a time.

The Boombox Hearts – Cover Me
With all my love for Bruce Springsteen, The Boombox Hearts’ cover is so unique and heartwarming, that I reach for their version more often. However, Bruce will always have a special place in my heart, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce…

Girls in Airports – The Grass by The Roses
Because Girls in Airports is my jazz discovery and I’m listening to it all summer long. There is something soothing about this song mixed with an unspecific longing. Or maybe it’s just me who is sad and happy at the same time?

Mø – Fire Rides
Because I love Mø’s debut album. And because „I just wanna walk to the mountains / Walk to the mountains all alone”.

Moussa Diallo – Maninda (Dongili Dalaw)
Because listening to Moussa makes me happy and that playlist consists of mostly…sad songs. How did that happen? We need to bring the balance back.

Tomas Barfod – Pulsing (feat. Nina K)
Because I’m surprised of how much I like this song. This type of music is rarely my cup of tea, yet I find it addictive.

Efterklang – Apples
Efterklang just had to appear on this list, as the first Danish band I „found”. „Apples” is a perfect song, point-blank.