postmo-albumIt has been a few weeks since released her new album “No Mythologies to Follow” on 10. March. And the more I’m listening to it, the more I’m falling for it.

To be honest I have a tendency to focus more on the rhythm than on lyrics while first encountering with any new music (as Chris Rock once said: “if the beat is right, she will dance all night”), but not this time! (Karen Marie Ørsted’s stage name means “maiden” or “virgin” in Danish) created something strong, fresh and genuine.

Music and lyrics go hand in hand and are a spotless capture of emotional turmoil and confusion belonging to youth. That endless sinusoid with sudden confidence rush, feeling high on potential freedom, in turns with all-encompassing fear and loneliness. Freedom is a double–edged sword – young people entered the “values void”, floating without direction. The neurotic mind of our time is highly ruminative: “life is a daydream, we’re dead anyway”. What is the point?

But MØ plays it cool, her message is comforting: even though it’s hard out there, we can make it. Her songs are a self affirmative mantra, giving you the courage, a real confidence boost.

But it feels that way mostly because of the rhythm and energy of that album, filled with oneiric indie pop and electro, with a sensuous edge. The synth beat regulates the pace and makes it dependable, you can sense the acceptance in MØ’s voice: love is ephemeral, there might be war in one’s head – but that’s alright.

Find “No Mythologies To Follow” on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify.

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