As I was instantly smitten by Ring Them Bells single “Favorite Gun” earlier this year, I simply had to give their upcoming album a listen—I wanted more! The trippy piece of dark rock’n’roll “Things That Come Slow” comes out on 29. May and is their first album in five years.

“We can be slow, but we find each other extremely fast musically, and when we write, record, arrange and mix, it takes place at a windy and surprisingly effective pace. We push ourselves during very intense times when we reach a lot of magical moments,” says the group which consists of lead singer Johannes Nidam, drummer Johannes Dybkjær, guitarist Jan Johansen and bassist Moogie Johnson.

It should have been called “Damn Great Things That Come Slow” because this is an especially remarkable album. Ring Them Bells invite you into their elaborate, thoughtfully designed dark universe, and you cannot resist their call. Introduced by “Eternal Guest”, the band display their noisy, groovy, sexy style. Getting you ready, “Favorite Gun”—still the strongest song on the album in my opinion—is for carefree rocking out with a crazy crowd at a live show.

The song “You Don’t Have To Go” is like a gateway (drug), slowly wrapping its hands around you and not letting you go. Once the sounds have seduced you, “The Associates” crawl out. And you don’t feel as safe anymore. This song feels like a private concert in a dungeon. It’s just you and the band. You feel sly creatures lurking from behind you, and you’re not sure whether to be scared or aroused. You don’t know whether to run away or come closer. But you’re not moving.

Then “I’m Not Really There” comes on, and you feel tricked. Did this scary moment really happen? Was what you just experienced even there? You can’t stop moving your hips. This bass sounds amazing. You’re in a huge crowd again, whipping your hair and twirling right into the moshpit to “Space Time”. Out of breath, the following “Ringo” provides a groovy interlude where you let go of every intention to think straight.

It gets even groovier on “12 Wild Horses”. A psychedelic desert arises around you. You’re struck by the heat and feel dizzy. Your vision is flimmering. Was it just whiskey earlier or did you take acid as well? Why are you on a horse’s back, clutching onto your lover from behind? “We Could Slide” starts and you don’t care anymore. This is nice. This is a soft escape. Keep on playing, Ring Them Bells. Go on forever.

“Sleepwalker” seals the deal. The trip is over and you feel it. You kiss your lover goodbye. It’s sad to go but you’re so glad it happened.

What a wild ride. I’d take it again anytime. How bedazzling this must be live.

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