In times like these, where everything seems uncertain and uncharted, we all may need a moment to disconnect from the concrete things going on around us – at work, at home or, if you think broader, on Earth.

This is the moment when MoonBee + The Astronauts come in, ready to make us look out into the infinite universe. MoonBee creates music that takes us to a distant sparkling galaxy and songs that make us remember that we are just tiny little creatures on this planet.

With “Tiger”, their newest single, MoonBee + The Astronauts delight us with a wavy song that is spiced with melancholy, but also catches us with groovy jungle beats and spherical tunes. The track, released at the end of March, has a lot of emotions around it. It tells a story of how to cope with dark feelings, slowly get back to yourself and, step by step, learn to treat yourself better.

“I lived for far too long in overly immersive darkness that I could not escape by my own help. For a while, I cried every day about how uncool a person I thought I was, and every time I sat down to write music, I was confronted with how inadequate I felt as a musician and how much better I thought everyone else was. “Tiger” became my silent attempt to free myself from my inner demons, doing so by making peace with myself and all my inadequacies, slowly learning to love myself, step by step”, explains MoonBee when telling the story of her new single.

With the soft and spherical “Tiger” MoonBee invites us to come in and discover all her fragility. She shows us a place where time stops and people break into pieces.

Is this only a sad song, you might wonder? No, because being a reflecting and sensitive person is never sad, but a brave thing, which also helps us connect with others. And what would be more important than that, in times like these?

P.S. Stay tuned to find out what else MoonBee’s galaxy holds for us and watch out for her upcoming EP “Come Move In Another Dimension”.

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