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Gry Colding, performing under the moniker MoonBee, dove into a personal journey to rediscover their identity and let go of destructive self-criticism. They came back to the surface with a strong sense of self and comfort in the conclusions they made. Identity and body hatred are things of the past for MoonBee: Their new single “Summit Up is a strong statement proving that. It is also a powerful pop song, showcasing the artist’s many talents; from songwriting, through arrangement, to singing.

 “I’ve been so tired of how self-destructive my view of myself is. That is why I have spent the last few years on a deeper self-examination. Investigated where all the sadness and all the self-hatred that lives in me comes from. Now I have thrown away the worst dead weight, i.a. by acknowledging my queerness and that I just don’t fit some boxes. “Summit Up” is a tribute to that journey and at the same time a love letter to a lost teenage MoonBee and others searching for their rightful place,” says Moonbee about the single.

With Summit Up, MoonBee serves powerful pop confidence-boost

Pop music is so underrated in its ability to surprise and provide variety. MoonBee dives into the ocean of pop inspirations, fishes some of the best of them, adds their own spices and flavours. When then get served with a real anthem for personal freedom. They convince us that we need to let go of internal and external pressures to fit into boxes. To fit in with expectations and standards. We need to summit up our strength (which we all have inside) and go for what we want for ourselves. Bravely explore our options and examine our identity without fear of crossing barriers. It’s not an easy journey, it can get tough and unpleasant to prioritize our own well-being and self-acceptance. But it is worth it, MoonBee concludes in the new song.

The groovy, deep bass buzzing from underneath layers of sound hits right from the start of “Summit Up”. It is magnetic and will hold you in a tight grasp throughout the whole song. The whole song’s flow is smooth and allows the melody to go up and down, to have twists and echoes. The music, while clearly tightly orchestrated, sounds free. There’s a lot of space for MoonBee to fill it up with their vocals. They use the bass and the basic layer of the melody as a surfboard for vocals to chase the waves and do it effortlessly.

“Summit Up” is a preview of the coming MoonBee album, which we believe will be filled with great pop music and strong messages. While waiting for more music, we put on our dancing shoes, dress up in what we find the most comfortable and dance like nobody’s watching.

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