Music inspires us, helps us move forward when we are longing for imagination, daydreaming and emotions. However, it only happens occasionally that new music surprises us with something really different. With MoonBee ’s debut double-EP Come Move In Another Dimension, Pt. I & II” we are lucky to witness this special moment.

MoonBee delights us with a release in a completely new format. This EP sends us on an exploration journey and allows us to hear the songs from two perspectives. By showing the same tracks in different arrangements and productions, MoonBee speaks right to our heart and shows that there is rarely just one side to a story.

When listening to Part I, you will experience MoonBee together with her band, The Astronauts. This intergalactic side of the EP takes you right into the experimental and contrasting versions of the songs. Be prepared to hear an energetic, honest and strong, but also a fragile side of MoonBee’s music. The powerful beats and deep lyrics open a caleidoscopic fusion of musical elements from the ’60s to the ’90s.

Part II flips things around quite heavily. MoonBee teamed up with Danish ensemble WHO KILLED BAMBI to enrich the songs’ emotional complexity with strings and the drum machine of her omnichord. In this part of the EP, MoonBee exposes a more personal side, allowing the listener to feel closer to her. These special string compositions are composed by MoonBee herself, with help from WHO KILLED BAMBI’s composer Mette D.K. and Lowly’s pianist Kasper Staub.

We had a very honest and real conversation with her about the duality of things, advantages and struggles of a DYI artist and the music industry.

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